Indian Job Market After Covid 19, 70 Percent New Jobs, German Shoe Company

Indian Job Market After Covid 19 German Show Company factor in Agra China Job Marker After Covid 19 70 percent new recruitment in Indian Job Market After Corona 19. Here we are discussing about current analysis of Indian Job Market After Covid 19. The scope of Indian Job Market after Covid 19 good and bad both. After Covid 19 Employee will demand more salary due to recession and migrant workers protest for jobs. But here is good news also World Job market after Covid 19 will change the geographical structure mind of International companies. 
China Job Market after Covid 19 Big Advantage for Indian Luxembourg Land: In this world China is the only country who misuse their superpower and United Nation Security Council Status. Now many international companies is moving to India. And you have seen daily update on National TV that many Blue Chip companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Samsung, LG, German Shoe Company in agra wants to move its factory plant to Agra (Taj mahal). 

German Show Company Shiftings its plant to Agra
Indian Industry Boom after Covid 19.
China wil Loss Company Investment.

Indian Job Market Scope: If 10 percent companies come in India from China than it will generate more than 10 million jobs (1 crore). Prime minister modi already says," We Should Take Advantage of Covid 19.

Indian Job Market Challenges; Total 12 crore job loss in India due to Covid 19 from the sector of E Commerce, Health Sector, Construction and Financial. According to report many Multinational companies and Big Indian Companies have good amount of money. Such as Reliance, Tata, Wipro, Infosys etc. Some company of India signal to fill 70 percent new jobs. 

German Shoe Company; More 10000 jobs booked for Indian. If German Show company open factory in Agra as popular place of leather market.

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