Subaru Flying EV Car News Today, Electric Car, Honda Aircraft, Mercedes

Subaru Flying EV Car News Today, Subaru Electric Car News Today, Subaru Flying EV, Honda Aircraft, Mercedes

Subaru has unveiled its Flying Car in the EV Stock market before telling something new about Subaru Flying Electric Car we have 4 great news on electric cars industry.

1. Subaru unveils a motorsports EV and flying car.

2.Honda showcases electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, an avatar robot and HondaJet business plane.

3. Lexus concept LF-ZC to become centerpiece of Toyota’s campaign to take on Tesla and BYD

4. Mercedes hoping to double Japan EV sales in 2023

Subaru, Uber and Boeing are working to change future of cars. They are revolutionary working on flying cars. Boeing and Uber already display their prototype of flying and now you are watching flying car of Subaru in Tokyo Car Show names Japan Mobility Show.

Subaru reveals two types of EV concept in Japan Mobility Show. First one is called Sport Mobility Concept and second one is Air Mobility Concept.

CEO Atushi Osaki told media reporters that we believe Air Mobility will become useful means of transportation in upcoming future and important thing is how many people will adapt to them.

While reviewing Flying EV car of Subaru it looks futuristic and inspired from aerospace technology. From other side Subaru makes Helicopters for Bell and people who wants personal flying vehicle than Subaru will be best choice for them.