SpaceX Starlink New Users Dish Price in US, Plans List, Total Country

SpaceX Cuts Starlink Dish Price by up to 50% to $299 for New Users in 27 States. SpaceX’s Starlink is now available in 100 countries worldwide. SpaceX is slashing the price of its new V4 Starlink dish from $599 to $499, and it's rolling out a new "regional savings" program that brings the dish's cost to $299 for new subscribers

Tesla Software update 2024.20.1 Headlights improvements

Tesla Software update 2024.20.1  rolling out now – highlights below: Headlights adapt for curves (US, CA, MX, PR, KR)

Tesla FSD 12.4.1 Spring Update 2024 Supervised

Tesla Recalls Faulty Seat Warning

Tesla FSD 12.4.1 Software Update Beta, Boring Company Tunnel

Elon Musk said Tesla cars would get xai's Grok in the future.

Tesla Top 10 Shareholders Name, Elon Musk Total Shares, Blackrock

Tesla Top 10 Shareholders Name , Elon Musk Total Shares with percentage, Blackrock Elon musk shareholders News.

Tesla Shareholder’s AGM Vote News, Cross Border Voting

According to Financial Times- Tens of thousands of Tesla’s international retail shareholders AGM Vote with around $17 billion of stock (~3% of all shares) may be unable to vote at its annual meeting because investment platforms have failed to put adequate cross-border systems in place.

Baidu Apollo Go Robotaxi in China

Baidu going to operates hundreds cities with Apollo go robot taxi. this robot taxi service is larger than Waymo the GM of BYU autonomous driving says if Tesla gets fully authorised in China for FSD, then by would want to work with Tesla on taxi services, which seems to it indicate that very knowledgeable people are interested in Tesla progress on FD in China And in upcoming year, you will see Baidu robo taxi Apollo could have thousands of robot taxi operating by 2025. In a recent development baidu providing Tesla FSD with China mapping data of hyper map in order to provide robot services for Apollo Go, which will be near to bullet train services of China and recent time Baidu has got more than hundred cities license of running robo taxi in China.