Tesla India Electric Car Agreement Latest News, Ontario $50000 Hyundai Battery, Swedish Batteries

India is closing in on an agreement with Tesla that would allow the US automaker to ship its electric cars to the country from next year and set up a factory within two years, news sources  say.

Hyundai Electric Car Battery Plant: Hyundai plans to set up battery plant in Tamil Nadu by 2025 to drive down cost of electric vehicles.

Electric Car EMF Radiation: EMF Radiation Test Shows Sitting in an Electric Car is Like Standing Near a Running Microwave

- Cell Phone: 120 mW/m2

- Microwave: 360 mW/m2

- Microwave (1-2’ Away): 100 mW/m2

- Inside Tesla: 100 mW/m2

Simrat Sooch $50000 electric car battery: In Ontario, Canada a warning light appeared on the instrument panel of Simrat Sooch electric car, a 2017 Hyundai Ioniq. He was told he needed to buy a new battery — for $50,000.

Sodium ion Electric Car Batteries: Northvolt develops its first sodium-ion product, a technology that could lay the foundation for the Swedish battery-maker's next generation of electric-car batteries.

Australia EV Car News: Labor's electric vehicle strategy is set to fail as estimates suggest fewer than a third of new cars bought by 2030 will be battery-operated.

Volvo Mini Van Vs Zeekr 009:  The new Volvo Mini Van is nothing more than the Zeekr 009 with an exterior restyling with the Volvo Brand and more "Scandinavian" interiors.  Both cars will use rear Giga Casting made with a 7,200 tons Giga Press supplied to Zeekr by LK Machinery.

New Jersey electric vehicle news: New Jersey will require all new car sales to be electric starting in 2035 — with some zero emission requirements starting in 2026, via @njdotcom. The @NewJerseyDEP will file the rule to set up the regulations.

Chinese car manufacturer Great Wall Motor is making inroads into the South African automotive space and steadily increasing its pie slice. 

Tesla FSD: Tesla has added FSD (Beta) related introductions and usage specifications to the owner's user manual in China.