Taiwan Acer MUVI 4G Electric Scooter Booking, Features, Battery Range

Taiwan Acer MUVI 4G Electric Scooter Booking: Taiwanese company name Acer who is popular as making branded laptop all around the world where we will discuss some special thing and investment about Taiwan company name Acer.

Acer company going to launch electric scooter in Indian market. Taiwan is laptop maker Acer has entered into the electric scooter market by launching its EVI scooter at the price range of Rupees 99999 in US dollar $1200.

While looking Acer electric scooter muvi 125 4G electric scooter is very simple and these type of electric scooter you can see in countries like Taiwan Thailand Malaysia Indonesia and other Asian countries.

Let's talk about Acer m u v i 125 4G electric scooter top 5 features

1.It has swappable batteries

2. 16 inch alloy wheel

3. Top speed of Acer 125 4G electric scooter is 75 km per hour

4.Maximum range of Acer electric scooter is 80 km in single charge

5.It has bluetooth enable 4 inch LCD screen. 

Colour of Acer MUVi electric scooter will have many options and right now it launched with black and white Zebra design scooter.

Three colour options- White Black and Grey.

Costumize with smartphone Android or IOS.

Charge timing: in 4 hours you can charge.

Battery capacity: 48V 35.2AH.

Taiwanese laptop maker electric scooter will be manufactured by mobility startup e bike go but has official licence for electrical vehicle.

Acer soon launch electric scooter with online booking and you can also test ride from ex showroom of Acer. If anyone wants dealership and pre-booking enquiry then they should visit official company website.