Tesla Model 3 2024 Performance, Features, Top 10 News

Tesla Model 3 Speed & Performance:  Surpassing the original Model 3's 3.3-second 0-100km/h capability, this update will also feature significant chassis and design modifications, setting it apart from standard models.

Tyres: 18-inch Michelin and optional 19-inch Hankook tyres focus on ride quality, noise reduction, and bump absorption.

Self-Driving Capabilities: 8 upcoming cameras support the full self-driving 4.0 hardware, enhancing Tesla Vision's parking assistance and collision avoidance capabilities.

Tesla Model 3 Touch Screen: A revamped 15-inch touchscreen, an additional 8.0-inch rear touchscreen, and a 17-speaker sound system enhance the in-cabin experience.

Tesla's Refreshed Model 3 Adds Pedestrian Safety with Innovative 'Active Hood' Feature will come  out in the first half of 2024 and that it'll be "pretty special"

Tesla Model 3s arrived in Australia, Malaysia. First deliveries will start in December.

New headlights and tail lights, fewer Tesla T logos, and the removal of traditional indicator stalks for a more streamlined design​.

Top 10 Features in Tesla Model 3
0) 65W USB C charging port
1) 10% increased range (629 km WLTP)
2) Slightly decreased top speed (201 km/h)
3) New matrix LED headlights
4) New exterior design
5) Lower drag coefficient (0.219 from 0.230). That's the lowest drag Tesla EVER
6) New wheel design
7) Improved suspensions
8) New colors (Ultra Red & Stealth Grey)
9) No Tesla logo on the back (T E S L A)
10) Brighter and more responsive liquid touchscreen