Ford Puma Electric Car, Canoo EV, IM LS6 SUV, Tesla India, Jeep Wrangler

Ford Puma will gain an electric variant in 2024. Due to go into production in early 2024, the Crossover electric Puma was spotted testing in Europe.

India is considering tax cuts on electric vehicle imports for up to five years to entice Tesla and other EV makers to sell and make cars in the country

Huge news for @canoo! Today, they made their formal announcement that they have delivered their first cars to the state of Oklahoma of cars made in Oklahoma! This is exactly why you don’t listen to the FUD on here! 2024 is going to be huge!
electric car from Tunisia 🇹🇳 gives an opportunity to live in a clean and healthy environment using sustainable and renewable energy, says Boubaker Siala. He has built this 3 wheeled solar electric car at a competitive cost.

IM LS6 electric SUV, backed by Alibaba and SAIC, received over 28,000 firm orders one month after launch.

Vinata Aeromobility will set up Hybrid Electric Flying Car plant in Ambala, Haryana, Bharat

Renault to launch new Slovenia-made electric city car.

ALL-ELECTRIC JEEP WRANGLER IS PLANNED FOR 2028......A leaked Stellantis document reveals plans for several models to go electric by 2028.

Ami Pop is Citroen’s New Urban Electric Marvel.

BYD ATTO 3 has triumphed with the title of News UK’s “Electric Car of the Year!” 

Second-hand electric car sales doubled in the third quarter of 2023, giving them a record market share.

Tesla plans to build its $25,000 electric car at Gigafactory Berlin 

Electric car fast-charger maker Tritium has announced it's closing its Brisbane factory to centralise manufacturing at its $5 billion plant in the US.

Have you heard of the Leapmotor T03? Well, it could become the UK's cheapest electric car.

NASCAR Crossover EV

Sun film now legal in India