Shane Hoverboard Self Balancing EV Car, First 2 Wheeler Electric Vehicle News

Shane Hoverboard Self Balancing EV Car, Shane Hoverboard electric car, First 2 Wheeler Self Balancing EV Car: Shane Chen who invents Hoverboard a self balancing 2 wheeler riding vehicle has made Hoverboard electric car. This is his second latest invention under rising ev demands in the world.

Hoverboard inventor Chen patented scooter in year 2012 as a self balancing EV, which sooner became Hoverboard. On current time Shane Chen holds 76 patents includes Solowwheel, Orbitwheels, Powerwing, and Aquaskipper.

According to Hoverboard Self Balancing car inventor this 2 wheeler self balancing electric is for everyday driving. It will be launching soon in big countries like USA,Canada, France, Germany, Australia, India, China.

How Many people can sit in Shane EV Car
Car is designed to adjust maximum 5 adults. And during driving time it automatically adjust perfect balance. 

1.It has large wheels with speed control feature.
2.May be in future - solar panel technology to charge battery. minimized rolling resistance and in wheel regenerative shocks
4.Parking is easy.
5. Car is stable and safe as 4 wheeler car.

Shane Chen inventor of this car moved to USA in 1986 and his invention won awards at CES, INPEX, ISPO and one of his invention used NASA in the Space Station.

You can seed his original Hoverboard in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.