Worldometers India Corona Patient 12370, Worldwide 20 Lakh

Worldometers India Corona Patient 12370 If you wants to check Global Coronavirus Patients then Worldometers helps you to track country wise coronavirus patients. According to Total coronavirus patient in India rose to 12370 and 422 death. Talking about number of people who are now cured is 1508. Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan state witnessing new cases of corona while Kerala and Andhra pradesh given some relief as they curb some patients of Covid 19.

Recently America President Donald trump has banned funding of WHO (World Health organization) and on current situation USA is become Hotspot of Corona. Newyork itself coronavirus cases is more than 2 lakh and number of death in all USA is 23,000. In China 100 new cases appear on 14 and 15 April. Italy France, Spain and Germany, UK are the most affected country. In Iran

On 20th April Union Home Ministry decided to open some sector of Industry for avoiding economic pressure.