Facebook Mind Reading Machine Launching Date, All News

Facebook Mind Reading Machine latest news, Launching Date of fb mrm (mind reading machine), All News you may check here FB Mind reading Machine.

Facebook Brain (Mind) Reading Machine, a top social networking website of world is making a machine which can read your mind from your computer. This update of Facebook may bring latest alien type technology which we are talking to friend in happy mode as," Can Any Body Bring Mind Reading Machine or not. if you are enlgish users, you may only read our commented described on article or those people who are hindi newsreader can read below advertisement cutting.

Who is the Inventor of Mind Reading machine: In an interview of Mark Zukerber (Facebook CEO and Owner) mention some statement to Harward university professor Jonathan Jitrain about Mind Reading machine.

1. The Name of Facebook Research name of mind Reading machine is Brain Computer Interface
2. Facebook said before using mind reading machine it is necsessary to fill Terms and condition on legal basis.

3. The Equipment which may remove computer device items on running mind reading machine is Keyboard, Hand gesture and Touch Screen.

how to Run Mind reading machine made by computer ? Facebook says users have only option to think and all thing will be done by Facebook MRM Machine.

facebook Mind Reading machine Image or Video: Mr. Zuckerbarg reply in an interview when somebody said how mind reading machine look, the shape of mind reading machine, hint of mind reading machine than he said it will be like cap, you can wear it.

4. Facebook may launch it on Mobile World Congress.