How Tiktok Users Make Money in India, Top 5 Points, Increase Followers

How to make money on Tiktok Here we will show our talent on how many Tiktok users in India make money on Tiktok which means how to make money on Tik Tok. You all know that Tiktok company is made in china which is developed by bytedance. Now tiktok video app is available in 33 language platform whether it is English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese language Mandarin (GK question). So you are eager to know about how to earn money from tiktok in india but if you can earn money from tiktok than their is other platform where you can make career i.e. Youtube,, Daily Motion, Facebook etc. Below are some important points on making money on tiktok.

How to increase followers on Tiktok: Many people start uploading video on tiktok but they forgot to target audience. So you must survey first and check profile of users who are successful in Tiktok.

Use Other social media platform: Just make backlink of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Whatsapp (recently Facebook, Instagram said to add its link on Whatsapp).

Age Limit; Having label as China, America and its close ally like India have given strict warning to tiktok on making age rules. Madras Highcourt, Allahabad court has asked tiktok to give written explanation for following Indian rules and regulation.

Don't upload any communal video: Whenever any people become successful and reached 1M followers, they starts using their name and fame on personal basis. For example Faizu and Its team called 007 have been removed by TikTok after they uploaded video.

Take help from other tiktok users: This is the best ways to gain traffic through social link of users to users, link to link, post guest posts on any website with user profile and make like page.

proof of Tiktok give money to popular tiktok stars: Anushka sen uploaded Apple iphone when she have reasonable number of followers, Mr Faizu (income of tik tok) have reached london to cheer up India Pakistan match.