How To Earn Money From YouTube In Hindi- English pdf

How to Earn Money on YouTube is the best side business to make income by creating or uploading videos of your Party, Food Picnic and Going to Holiday destination as Florida beach for fun.

How to earn money from YouTube: Below premium methods and step by step guide with or without adsense Earn Money on YouTube there is some simple procedure from home with your smart phone.

Make Money by Uploading Video in YouTube: first you will have some Gmail account. If you are serious, energetic and phobia of taking selfies and capturing some life hacker videos then we will give syllabus to make money on YouTube. The best thing is that you don’t have to buy any domain for YouTube videos for creating adsense ads because Google and other media partner of YouTube partner already providing all types of facility without any hosting. You can earn money from YouTube from single day if you have good knowledge of SEO for videos search engine optimization.

Get Jobs: - If you wanted to earn Money from YouTube video than make channel energetic.
Increase subscriber: - You may daily update new original content.
Eligibility criteria to apply from Google Adsense YouTube: - In 12 Month you should complete 1,000 subscriber and 4,000 watch time completed by your channel.
Make Money or Increase watch Time/Hour: - Don’t share every time on any social media like Twitter or face book etc or any link to avoid disable of account.

When will my YouTube channel approved: - Your channel will be approving according to merit list of Watch time hour. So increase and upload daily original things.

How To Earn Money From YouTube In Hindi- English pdf
how much money can you make on YouTube: If you remember the Ganganam style singer that earns more 2,00,and 000$ by creating single videos which is very viral on that period. I think that is the time when people start creating their own videos to make money from YouTube

Step by step for adsense approval for you tube is very easy visit this link:

You can also make 2000$ daily by YouTube

A good camera Sound recording: video with top sound quality is very important to record your videos HD mode of 360, 720 and 1080

Video editing software: download some video editing software for YouTube for PCs and Macs Movie maker & movie or Adobe Premier users.

Choose a good username like attractive name and number like you tubers, vmate, and voot

The best way to learn more about YouTube adsense partnership then visit  official page

How you can change your life of benefits which you will get after becoming a YouTube partner scheme visit here.

If you have to upload longer videos then you’ll need to how toincrease your limit on YouTube.

How first step is to verify your channel visit below link: but before add some good videos like Education, Travel, Friendship, Bathroom singer etc as per YouTube policy

You will get paid when limit crosses to 100$ for views on your videos. Click this link to get


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