Make Money Selling Solar Electricity, Rent 3,000 Monthly

Make Money Selling Solar Electricity: - Central Government is implementing one scheme mostly in smart city of India For Installing Solar Roof top Panels. In current time shortage and Load Shedding occurred in all state of India. Due to lots of Investment from foreign counties and Encouraging Startup, company required lots of electricity to run business. So Pilot Project has been started to encourage Alternative Energy Scheme in two district of Andhra Pradesh.

How to Make Money from Solar Energy: - Government wants your Roof Top to install Solar Panel and they will give Per Month Charge of generating solar panel electricity which will be transferable to Grid companies. Government has target its Minimum Rs 3,000 as a rent to user who gives govt facility and on other hand you will get free electricity in your home.

Name: - Make Money offers of FREE solar panels.

Objectives: - Turning your property into an energy efficient, income generator.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy or MNRE is under Ministry of Government of India, whose main work to make availability of renewable sources like Solar, Water and Wind technology in India. The energy which generated from day light that converted it into a electrical current through solar panel is the best way to get suitable use for energy in Home.

Eligibility Criteria: - Available roof space typically, an area of around 10m2 or more is required.
Make Money Selling Solar Electricity, Rent 3,000 Monthly

How Much Money you can earn from solar Panels: - The Central Government of India has introduced Tariffs, giving India Delhi, Mumbai, Bengalore, homeowners the ability

To generate an estimated 50$ to Rs 3,000 per month from solar electricity

If you live in Flat: - You can directly talk to other flat owner or encourage those using solar panels electricity.

How much initial Costs required to take advantage of solar energy: - Government has said no installed charge bearded by owner. He OR she can always gets advice from if any doubt.

How to Apply: - Interested and Eligible candidates should wait to approve from central government approval and always stay in touch with us. We can posts in any time when new updated Selling solar power to generate income will be published on local newspapers.