How to Earn Money from Facebook Account, Like or Watch Video

How to Earn Money from Facebook Account: - Facebook is rolling out new Jobs in your facebook Account where you have to only make your home video in Facebook Watch account application and earn money online. The Eligibility TO Earn from facebook videos is Original Content, Original Video and Original Location. You should not copy someone Whatsapp, Line, YouTube videos to come under guidelines of Facebook Video Violation.

In Last week of August Facebook has launched Facebook watch video For More Details: - Check here article. How to Get Facebook Watch Account, Make Money with Video

How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch Account: - Facebook uploaded on its ( ) watch account holder should have minimum 10,000 followers and in last two month you should make at least 30,000 page views of 1 minutes or maximum time interval video.

How to Earn Money from Facebook ads: - If you are traveler like many Foodies who travel country to country, Many Housewife that updates its new meal, makeup, home decor online and some people also update its daily life activities than it is easy to make money with FB Watch video.

1. Every day people celebrate their story online after becoming creators and publishers through writing article and uploading video.

How to make money by writing article on Facebook Watch account

2. Facebook has monetizes its Watch Video (For Facebook Video Publisher) and Watch Article in a single page.

3. Before Launching in your country you have to make one page in your Facebook account through this link

3. Daily updates 1 video with above 60 seconds time limit.

How to earn money from Facebook page likes: - Many People think they can earn money by Liking someone Facebook page account. May be you are getting money but it’s all are fake on clicking like button. Facebook don’ts like any people who make article of "how to earn money in Facebook by clicking like".

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