Pakistan First Astronaut To Space in 2022 Dream of Imran Khan

Pakistan First Astronaut To Space in 2022 Do you know in which year Pakistan sends its Human cum Astronaut to Space and who will responsible to send Pakistan Astronaut to space. Then we have all current affairs regarding 26 July 2019-20 when all Indian gives million views only to research the date of Pakistan First Men Mission into Space 2022 and India First Men into Space 1984. Now what you find in years i.e. 37 year. Pakistan all time weather friends who is sweeter than sugar and higher than Himalaya given offer cum dream.

PM Imran Khan on Pakistan Space Mission  2022: After returning from America, Imran Khan wanted to give good news regarding PK Space Mission. PM Khan said in press meeting," we will begins our first space mission by sending Pakistan Astronaut and our Air Force will hire its astronaut. if anybody wants to see him/her in space than they can start their registration from February 2020. In year 2020, many good thing under space mission like Chandrayaan 2 of India fully reporting from south pole. And one of ISRO Satellite starts Sun Mission.

Fawad Chaudhari Science Minister of Pakistan with his twitter held created Dream tweet about Space Mission 2022 who will become First Astronaut of Pakistan will be decided by Pakistan Air force Military.China National Space Administration (CNSA) declared its Man Loaded Space Mission in years 2022.  European space agency (ESA) will extract water from moon southern pole after verification by Chandrayaan 1 who is the only satellite who discover particle of water on moon.

Name of pakistan Space Agency is SUPARCO