Chandrayaan 2 Launching on 22 July, Time 2.43 PM

Chandrayaan 2 22 July 2019: Son the date of our second moon mission finally decided on 22 July 2019 at 2.43 after 2 hours of Sun Afternoon. Many people are expecting that Chandrayaan 2 Launching delayed up to 2 Month but our Isro Scientist founds error on leak and genius already settled before anyone says something.

Now on Monday 22 July 2019 when Indians mostly on work, they must have to see in sky to check some indication on Chandrayaan. Due to technical snag Chandrayaan mission was called off on 15th July 2019 their was still on that 0.1 percent error which means still ISRO scientist are able to land it on moon but they have learn it from Israel Moon Mission which was failed and unable to fully landed on Moon.

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Chndrayaan 2 Next Launching Date: 22 July 2019.
Day: Monday.
Time: 2.43 PM.

Some one told to leading NewsTimes of india that main problem was on top of Chandrayaan 2 where helium was filled in that bottle and it was leaking. Scientist realize the error why it was leak and how to stop another leak from other side. So they have changed that things to avoid multiple leak in space.