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Chandrayaan 2 Mission Today we are feeling proud that in our Age we have seen ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Mission. On 15 July 2019 we must raise our head to sky and say Jai Hindi, Jai Bharat on our Second Moon Mission named Chandrayaan 2. We remember Late President APJ Abdul Kalam who said in his golden word that,” if we can orbit around moon than 100% we can reach with Rakesh Sharma (First Indian Man to reach in space) type man in Moon also.

Chandrayaan 2 Launch Date and Time: 30% percent chandrayaan 2 team are women and mission director of Isro chandrayaan 2 is from Lucknow named Ritu Karidhaal Shrivastava. Below are robots who help Chandrayaan 2 mission to achieve success and take important clues on Life on Moon, Metal on Mission, Current Temperature on moon whether it is same or something changed on moon.

Launch Date: 15 July 2019.

Time: 2.51 AM morning, Indian Time.

Chandrayaan 2 Launching Place: Shri Hari Kota, Satish Dhawan Space Center.

Launching Pad: GSLV MKIII

GSLV Mark 3 Bahubali: Geosynchronous Launch Vehicle is vehicle to land chandrayaan 2 on axis of Moon. Reason why ISRO scientist named GSLV Mark 3 as Bahubali is it can handle 4,000 KG wait. It can also go to earth below axis with double wait i.e. up to 600 KM.

Orbiter: It can make 1,000 WATT of electricity from Sun and will circle around moon for 1 year. The weight of orbiter is 2379 KG.

Lander Vikram: The name derived from the father of Indian Space Programme Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. It can work 14 times in 1 moon day.

Rover Paragyan: Pragyan means Intelligence. After entering in Moon atmosphere 27 KG Rover Paragyan will start its experiment from 0 to 500 mtr.

Main Objective of ISRO Chandrayaan 2:

1. To search water (after chandrayaan 1 discovery) on moon is primary objective in a large manner. Both Earth and Moon are same celestial bodies.
2. Total budget of Chandrayaan 2 is RS 1,000 Crore.
3. If India will succeed that it becomes 4 country to land on moon.
4. Budget of Isro Moon Mission 2 is 20 times cheaper than NASA Moon Mission.
5. PM Narendra Modi pledge to send Man on moon on 2022.