Pakistan Science Minister Hubble Telescope Sent by Superco Space Agencies

Pakistan Science Minister Name Fawad Chaudhari, Discovery of Hubble Telescope, Pakistan Minister Claims Hubble Telescope Sent by Superco Space Agencies. Fawad Chaudhari Latest Statement, Pakistan Hubble Telescope Video.

Hubble Telescope & Pakistan Science Minister sent NASA’s Telescope to Space. Recently Pakistan Science and Technology Minister Claims their Scientist have a very great record on Space because we have sent Hubble Telescope to Earth Orbit. There is 31 Second Video of Pakistan Minister Claiming Hubble Telescope on twitter, but here is also good news for all Indian + Pakistan trollers they have found yet another Pakistani for making Bhadaas on Pakistan Minister Fawad Chaudhari.

The Name of Science and Technology Minister who talked about Hubble Telescope of Suparco in Pakistan is Fawad Chaudhary who is known for its Twitter Comment. The Pakistan Geo Channel Anchor has asked Pakistan Science Minister about Pakistan Achievement in Space Earth or any Upcoming Satellite. Then he replied in Discipline manner,” The Words Biggest Telescope was travel from Pakistan Space Agency Suparco (Space and Upper Atmospheric Research Commission).

Pakistan Technology Minister Fawad Chaudhary Talked about Hubble Telescope,” He said one of the ways to see Pakistan Hand in Space is Hubble Telescope was sent by Suparco, which is downloaded in Satellite. Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission is responsible Pakistan Public and Civil Space Programme and for Aeronautics and Space Research.

What Troller Comment on Nasas Hubble Telescope Sent by Pakistan Minister
One Said, ‘Now NASA Scientist Will Resign from Their POSTS and soon going to join Pakistan Minister of Science and Technology. 2ND Said, ‘All These Pakistan Political Leaders sent to Space and should not come from there.

Hubble Telescope Belongs to American Space Agency through European Space Agency’s invention of Hubble Telescope comes in Light. Hubble was named after Astronomer Edwin Hubble and After Galileo’s Telescope Hubble Telescope is one of the Greatest Achievement in current space technology. Hubble Telescope was launched in Earths Low Orbit in year 1990.