India Pakistan Trade Product List, Article 370, What India Send to Pakistan

India Pakistan Trade Product List after Article 370 revocation you are watching India Pakistan Trade Product Name List 2019. The India Import and Export from Pakistan. Many thinkers in the works who keeps an eye on Trade, Economic, Defence, Environment and what will happen in upcoming future says,” There will be only nuclear bluff released by war country are not stable and next war will be economic war and we are watching Trade War 2019 between China and America. President Trumps has blamed mostly country on accepting American products by China, India, Europe and they always see America as Mandi (Place where goods sell) but they don’t open their country for our products. So let’s come to the point India Pakistan Trade Item List 2019.

India Pakistan Trade Relation; Hum Pakistan sey Saman kya Kharidatey hain, Pakistan sey kaun SA saman India ata hai. Bharat Pakistan vyapar Asar (Impact on Pakistan)Many people confuse in Import/Export meaning but after reading India Pakistan Import/Export relation you will judge who are depended and who are non dependent.

Before Article 370

1. Only Rs 49 crore price of product, Pakistan able to send in India.
2. Up to June 2019, India send Rs 3,000 crore price of goods to Pakistan.

What India Export to Pakistan: Here is top 5 items traded with Pakistan. India supports its product to Pakistan with organic, chemical and textile industry. India is also called Agriculture country that use various methods to increase fertility of soil.

Cotton: $500 Million
Organic Chemicals: $400 Million
Plastics: $130 Million
Paints and Dyes: $114 Million
Machinery and Parts: $98 Million.
Tomatoes, Garlic, Onion: Data not available.

What Pakistan Import to India: Here is top 5 items Pakistan Traded with India. Mostly we buy Cements, Salts, Fruits and Nuts in large manner. The major trade of Pakistan to any country in the world is Fruits and Nuts, Masala, Cements and Salts. Pakistan has largest number of Natural Salt Mountain.
Mineral, Fuels and Oils: $131 Million
Fruits and Nuts: $103 Million
Salt, Sulphur, Lime and Stones: $92 Million
Ores, Slag and Ash: $17 Million
Leather Products: $16 Million

India Pakistan Trade after Article 370 rubbed: so if you review Indian Pakistan Relation article than know and daily watch video on India Pakistan Bilateral Ties than know that Pakistan India trade starts Attari Border, Kashmir and from back channel UAE.

Conclusion: We only say country should not fight on Trade as it effect local shopkeepers, distributors.