Article 370 Removed by India, Jammu Kashmir, Ladakh Union Territory

Article 370 Removed by India Dhara 370 35 A here you can check reaction Article 370 Removal by PM Modi, Benefits if Article 370 removed by India. Now in 3 days everybody is expecting that something extra ordinary will happened in Jammu Kashmir. Large number of troops deployed in Jammu Kashmir. Army already killed 7 Pakistan BAT (Border Action Team) supported terrorist who were crossing illegally. Air Force is on high alert, Extra 25,000 troops going to red alert zone where govt believes some negative substance may disturbs peace.

Ladakh Union Territory: if compare Ladakh with J&K than ladakh have large number of area bigger than Jammu and Kashmir. According to area Ladakh on first, Jammu on Second and Kashmir have where small parts. Amit shah said in his explanation in Rajya a Sabha,” we all love each other, Article 370; Article 35 A is boon of India. So we removed it. Indirectly way He further gives warning to people to not interfering in internal matter of India.

Reaction of Mehbooba  Mufti

1. Jammu Kashmir Union Territory of India, Ladakh No Assembly.
2. There will be President Rules.
3. Jammu Kashmir Citizen will be Indian Citizen, they have not visa of dual citizenship.
4. President already approved current govt stance on scrapping 370 articles.
5. Jammu Kashmir will be UT with legislature.
6. Laddakh region will be a separate UT without legislature.
7. Mr Amit Shah announced this in Rajya Sabha that UT in Laddakh will have no legislature like Chandigarh while Jammu and Kashmir will have a legislature like Delhi and Puducherry.
8. India recently tested Quick Reaction missile system and deployed bofors gun near border.
9. Senior leader of Congress Ghulam Navi Azaad welcomes NDA decision to gundown article 370.
10. Many people supported One Country One Law One Constitution.
11. Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Delimitation