Article 370 Scrapped Pakistan Media Reaction, Imran Khan, and GoodNews

Article 370 Scrapped Pakistan Media Reaction Read More Top 10 Points on Article 370 Reaction from Pakistan Media, Pakistan Media Reaction on Article 370. Are you expecting Pakistan will support India on revokes of Article 370 than answer is available after when you reach Pakistan without visa through Google search engine? You to see Pakistan media reaction by typing on keyboard that Pakistan media reaction on India after 370 article removal. According to media report Pakistan said India is playing game on fire and will do and support Kashmiri from any way and it may imbalance regional security. We have all tell this matter to international people and OIC Islamic community.

Pakistan Foreign Minister reaction on Article 370 removal: Foreign minister of Pakistan said all Muslim should Unite and we are with Kashmiris. After sometime Pakistan President Arif Alvi statement was,” Indias changing Article 370 is against ruling on United Nation Human Right Council. He walked on tweeter and said we want peace and international community should resolve this dispute.

1. Pakistan says,” It wills yoga all possible action to counter the illegal steps taken by India.
2. Mahira Khan who visible in Shahrukh Khan film RAES says Indian government move against the Kashmir people right to self determination.
3. Samaa News: Kashmir is no longer autonomous state as India revokes its JK special status.

4. Pakistan forgot to rename whose share plunges to 5 month low as it mention Indian shares plunge to fresh 5 month low as govt removes Kashmir special status on occupied basis.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan Reaction after India deploys all types of Army in Kashmir. He suddenly called meeting on Sunday and discuss matter on why India deploys highest number of troops.

Truth: Jammu Kashmir Laddakh became Union Territory of India.