Driving Without Insurance Fine, Over Speed Challan, Seat Belt Challan

Driving Without Insurance Fine Here we are posting e challan fine if you unable to renew their Bike, Motor insurance. Cabinet Bill E Challan Rates of Traffic police effected from 1st August 2019 so all types of e challan rate while you riding on Bike, Car or Truck will directly vacant money from your pocket. In Parliament on 31st July 2019 central government frequently passed the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2019 which have chart list on all types of Driving Challan rates on 10 times basis. If you want to calculate New motor vehicles challan of your state such as Delhi Traffic Challan Rate, E challan Hyd than simply multiply with 10 from previous challan. For example you want to pay helmet challan when you caught red handed by traffic police than it was Rs 100 but now Rs 1,000 imposed by traffic police of any state.

Over Speed Challan Rate: Central Government don't want people to run their car or bike on high speed in over crowded speed. The new motor vehicle challan bill passed with 108 fresh vote out of 8 votes who are against this decision on fine which directly sanctioned cum banned like America on those people who broke traffic laws. Nitin Gadkari who is Transport Minister of India explain its clarification on why MODI 2.O government are some much crude on janata.

Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2019: Every year thousands of People died due to road accident. Govt dont want people to loss their life because it effect from all side (Govt Budget, Insurance Company and most important family). 

Driving Without License: Rs 5,000. (Rs 500, Rs 1000)
Dangerous Driving Penalty: Rs 5000 (Rs 1000)
Speeding Racing Challan: Rs 5,000. (Rs 400)
Driving Without Insurance: Rs 2000. (Rs 1000)
if you not wearing seat belt would imposed Rs 1,000 for previous Rs 100.
While on a phone while you are driving will get traffic challan receipt of Rs 5000 Previous it was Rs 1000.
Fine for not wearing helmet will be same fine e challan on car seat belt Rs 1000 of previous version Rs 100.
Pollution Control E challan Rate have not been received but we will soon update how many fine are on Pollution challan