E Challan UP Status 2019 Traffic Fine Online, Rate List of UP Parivahan

E Challan UP Status 2019 Latest News on e Challan Name List, UP Parivahan RTO Traffic Fine Online Payment, Traffic Police E challan Rate List of UP Parivahan Bus Conductor E challan on Ticket, E challan on without driving licence, UP.

E Challan UP Status 2019 Here we have bad news for all people who don’t follow traffic rules while running Bike, Cars, Bus and Truck. There is list of Jurmana (Fine in English) made by  Dheeraj Sahu who holds important posts in Uttar Pradesh Transport Department as Parivahan Nigam Prabandh Nideshak Dheeraj Sahu says both driver and conductor should have to run their vehicle like a Airplane Pilot to avoid any type accident that can harm both Public and Government property.  He further says before running bys you should check technical maintenance of your vehicle which can help you to save from serious accident and road safety.

UP Police Challan Latest News 2019: DIG has accepted UP police is making trouble for people in road and he suddenly given orders to all traffic police on duty time to check only people who are not in rule of UP Govt Traffic Police Challan.

UP Traffic Challan Rate List 2019: यूपी में कड़ी ट्रैफिक चलन में रहत संभव। इन्हे मिल सकती है छूट.
१. Giving driving licence to other person.
2. not following traffic signs.
3. more than 2 passenger.
4. parking of vehicle.
5. Running vahan without registration.
6. no Pollution certificate.

UP Traffic Police E challan: UP Government issued important notice to all Thana Prabhari for making them visible in every chauraha to start campaign on e challan of drivers. After giving mobile devices that can register your name in sandbox of challan, up police within three month challan more than 65 Lakh bikers, cars, bus drivers and trucks.

UP Police Challan Rate List: If you recently trapped in up police e challan and wanted to give challan as soon as possible than first read UP Police Challan Rate List of 2 wheeler and 4wheeler. First Time Challan Rate is mention and Second time challan rate is given on newspaper cutting.

Challan on Giving Driving License to another person: Rs 500
Challan on From 12 Months you are using other state registration number: Rs 300
E Challan Rate If you not able to show your driving license when ask: Rs 500
E Challan Hyd during driving, if you are using walkman, mobile calling: Rs 500
Fine Rate without Helmet running two wheeler vehicles: Rs 500
Challan Rate on not checking Green, Red Yellow signal of traffic time and change your route: Rs 300
Jurmana If driver don’t use traffic signal: Rs 300

Caught red handed with three passenger: Rs 300
Illegal Parking in public Place: Rs 500
If you are not using seat belt in car: Rs 500
Running Vahan without number plate and number don’t able to understand: Rs 300
Travelling in bus without ticket: Rs 500
If conductor doesn’t give you ticket according to your routed: Rs 500
Below 18 years candidates running the bike or car without permission: Rs 2500
Child Running Bike in public place: Rs 2500
Running Car and Bike without controlling speed: Light Vehicle Rs 2,000 and Heavy Vehicle Rs 4000.


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