Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing Make Earn $1.8 Per Click

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How to make money with Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing which is a marketing in which you can have Adwords website or page their you promote your products with high paying keywords such as Insurance, Affiliate Marketing Tools, Charity, Cars Insurance, Law Mortage and Housing Scheme Like Trump difference between pay per click and affiliate marketing is same but their work is other such as in pay per click you will get paid in cents and dollar or franc, pounds from website. And in affiliate marketing products you have page, without a website, if you have follower of 10K in Google Facebook or Twitter and in pinterest also.

In that page Google Facebook or Twitter and pinterest Affiliate marketing jobs you will have to make a Page regarding your products share with your friends circle. If one sale you got successfull you get a commission up to 50 percent other than in pay paer click you will get 1 to 2 dollar according to your website page rank aand traffics.

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Pay-per-click traffic- making it work-
The purpose of this Pay-per-click affiliate program is to get you  not to rely on  what are you doing  today but you have a strategy for future. today you’ll learn how advertising on the internet  can benefit you. This where you pay Affiliate money for your visitors , using a method called PPC.

if you want traffic at a far as possible is free and comes to you naturally but there are several pros n cons why PPC networks should figure in your overall site strategy- at least in the  beginning  . its therefore worth discussing  here the reasons  for doing PPC marketing, so that you don’t waste a single penny or minute  of your time with it  unnecessarily.

Today we will discuss-
What is PPC marketing is and how t works
1-      The major players in this arena
2-      The Advantage and disadvantage of marketing this way.
3-      The potential costs
4-      The situation when you should use this Affiliate marketing method
5-      How to set up your successful Affiliate Networks.
What is pay per click PPC marketing

Pay per click-PPC affiliate marketing is a method of advertising on the internet  that s used to direct traffic to websites. Pay per click ads usually appear in a Blue red coloured box on search results pages. Separate from the temprorary search results.The Network advertisers pay the publisher usually a website owner every time the ad is per clicked.

With search engines giants like advertisers typically bid on keywords such Phrases relevant to their target market products. Google Adwords sites commonly charge a fixed price per click rather than using a Adwords bidding system. PPC displays Affiliate advertisements, also known as banner ads 336, 920 shaped are shown on websites or in search yahoo bing aol engine results with related content that have agreed to show ads.

It should come as no surprise  that google is first on this  list. Search and PPC ads  are the primary way google makes it mone . when someone types in a keyword, the first two listings on  the result page are for ads   and all the links on the  right hand side   of the page are links to ads . this is google search network.

Google Adwords affiliate marketing has its ads on millon of web pages across the web. This is google disply network . websites owner an apply to google sign up programs to have these ad on there pages via their adsense program and its legitimate way to help monetize  niche website.You can learn more about ad networks here on http//

There are other players in PPC like yahoo, bing whose ads flowws pretty much the same rules as google but some difference and other smaller players but face book and google are where you should target your affiliate marketing networks your effort if you choose the path. To reach the most people fast  , it makes sense to use the organizations with the biggest reach.