How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing 500$ SEO Tips

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing SEO Tips Amazon Indian Method step by step How to make money with Affiliate links Marketing for beginners.

How to make money with affiliate marketing its billion make money question for fresher from medical, engineers and arts students. Both three branches make money with Amazon or click bank through affiliate marketing on facebook without a website. Through facebook you can make group, create like page ads some interesting knowledge like Sad Story, Inspirational quotes. And when you got some 500 + group member or 100 plus like on facebook as well as twitter affiliate marketing tools also help you in making money.

Now after creating Facebook Marketing Tools, Twitter and Google Followers then you are able to sign up for Amazon affiliate marketing, click bank or eBay affiliate marketing signup method.

How to do affiliate marketing with Amazon step by step with affiliate links:

Go to the top of any page on Amazon publisher and begin typing in the search box and see what come up. For example if you start typing… how to groom a Amazon will suggest some search terms people have used, one of which is how to groom a yorkie, If you then go to the Google keyword tool and type in how to groom a yorkie, you’ll find 880 exact match searches for that term. This means that nearly 1000 people a month, all over the world, are looking for that information. There are plenty of similar search terms that would you have a good chance of ranking your Amazon product page for.

If typing that search into Google brings up no Amazon listings in Google results and typing into Amazon brings up only three books, you know there a gap in the market. Yorkshire terrier.

a)-Writing any book you can create an author page on Amazon. Not only does this increase your standing and trustworthiness. But it also lets your link your website or blog to that page. One way back links from super duper authority site equal SEO gold.

b)-After writing any book focused around your niche or sector is especially good for teaching new people time and money saving tips, tricks and techniques, and you can use that book to gain interested visitors to your site. Follow the steps above for research and use the same technique for linking your author page to your website blog.

C-There is no better form of Amazon Affiliate marketing SEO card for a professional or service provider than a book. How much more receptive and  interested do you think a prospective customer or client would be if, instead of you handing them a business card you gave them a copy of your book with your phone number in it. Do you think, they will see you as an expert and be more likely to hire you-?

If you don’t know how to write or put a book together, you can outsource the job, see Saturday. To get into Amazon take following steps:--

Sign up for an account on Amazon, if you don’t have one already and then go to http// and http// and sign up for an account on each of them.

1)-Create space owned by Amazon allows you to self publish and sell physical books that are printed and delivered by Amazon.

2)-KDP kindle direct publishing allows you to digitally publish and sell your book in Amazon kindle store.

3)-Take your book, reformat it for the kindle you can also outsource this job and it will definitely save you a world of hassle and upload it to your  KDP account.

4)-You are now published on Amazon now you have to just to get the word out.
5)-YOU CAN seo YOUR AMAZON PHYSICAL AND KINDLE BOOK PAGES.WHICH SHOULDN’T BE TOO DIFFICULT SINCE YOUR BOOK TITLE  IDEALLY CONTAINS a Keyword. You can also create a back linking campaign for your pages by setting some friends  to buy your books    and have them give you reviews.

6)-The key strategy using books as a marketing tool is not aim to  get rich from books sales any money you makes from them is bonus. The primary use of books is as your business card- as a way for prospects to perceive you as an expert.

7)-This is not  space here to get into everything to do with specific marketing tactics with a book. But it is important to make sure you link your website to your Amazon author page as well as your YouTube videos and facebook page.

we will soon update more details on Search Engine Optimization, Google Adsense Affiliate Marketing Tools, 

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