Juhi Flower Image a Jasmine Variety Plant

Juhi Flower Images Juhi Flower Plant in India Juhi Flower Leaves How it look Like How to Purchase Juhi Flower Plant Juhi Flower Buds Juhi Flower Blooming Time How to Grow a Juhi. This is our 8th video of Flower and Plants series and we also going to make our new label called Blooming Flower. So Juhi Flower is a species of Jasmine Plants. Many people compare Juhi Flower with Kund Flower and you can see videos that giving wrong information on Juhi Flower. Juhi is top perfuming fragrant plants known as Jasminum Auriculate.

Juhi Flower Plant Real Image: In India, you can purchase Juhi flower in Rainy season. In South Indian movies Juhi flower widely used by women during Hindu Religious ceremonies. Best thing about Jasmine Flower species is all varieties of Jasminum varies fragrant differently. You can compare Jasmine fragrance in a second and suddenly you will be forgot. It is because Juhi Jasmine Flower is heavy gardenia type scent.

How to Know Juhi Jasmine Plant is Real: Through leaves and buds of Juhi Flower is major difference you can find in Juhi Flower Plant.
Benefit of Juhi Flower Plant: Mesmerizing beautiful flowering plants, It’s a small climbing bushy plant.

1.Very easy to grow on Terrace, Plants and care.
2. It produce large number of flower.
3. Height of Juhi flower is 5 to 10 ft.
Common Name of Jasmine Flower plant: Jasmine mole, Indian Jasmine, Juhi.
Maximum height: up to 9 meters.
Flower Colour: White
Bloom Time: June to August.
Difficult Level: Easy.
Growing season: February to May, July to September.
Uses of Juhi Flower: Gajra, Praying God, Incense sticks, Making scent, Hair Oil, Shampoo, Ayurvedic Medicine.
How to grow Jasmine flower: In full sunlight and proper water can grow will in natural bright light. Soil of Juhi flower should be less moisture and fertile, rich in organic content.
Fertilizers: Cow dung, Organic waist, Tea compost, wood ash, fertilizers leaves.