Bela Flower Image New Variety, Jasmine Flower Plant Type

Bela Flower Image New Variety Jasmine Flower Plant Type Arabian Tea Jasmin Pearl (Moti Bela) Flower Variety Image of Bela Flower in India Juhi Bela Flower Variety. Here we have new variety of Bela Flower that grows in summer season. This is our 3rd Garden update and in our previous posts, we talked about Rajnigandha Flower and Hybrid Papaya plant. You can check it on below link. If you want to purchase Jasmine Flower cum Bela in different type and variety then you must look at the leaves of Bela Flower. Bela flower and fragrance depends on their leaves.

Jasmine Flower Species: There are 200 types of different species of Jasmine in the World. In which 8 species people mostly used by garden lovers. Common name of Bela is Arabian jasmine Maid of Orleans.

1. Mogra, Arabian Jasmine
2. Raat Ki Rani, Night Blooming Jasmine
3. Kunda, Downy Jasmine
4. Juhi, Jasminum auriculatum
5. Parijatak, Coral Jasmine
6. Andhra kamini,Orange Jasmine
7. Kagda

Use of Bela Flower: Incense Stick, Making Soap, Scent and other decorative purpose. In India large amount of bela flower used in Temples by devotees.

Indian Bela Flower Images: Motia Bela, Kund Bela, Pat Mogra, Mogra and Bela are different varieties people mostly called.  Arabian Tea Jasmine is national flower of the Philippines, where people named as “Sampaguita”.
Height of Bela Flowers: Normal Jasmine Flower grows like vine plant such as Money Plant. Minimum height of Jasmine flower is 5 FT but it can grow above 10 ft when jasmine plant gets good environment and soil.
How to grow Jasmine flower: Two method used by nursery gardener to grow bela. By Root and By Stem. Blooming time of bela flower starts from May to July August. Some species of Bela like Kund and Mogra grow in Winter season.