Rajnigandha Flower Image, Tuberose Blooming Time, Scented Flower

Rajnigandha Flower Seeds of Rajni Gandha Flower Rajnigandha Flower Image How to Grow Rajnigandha Rajnigandha English Name Tuberose. If you want to grow any scented flower in your pot or in your garden than Rajnigandha Plant is best choosen plant that would we recommend.

Rajnigandha Flower in English: Tuberose is English version name of Rajnigandha Plant belongs to birthplace Mexico. Height of Rajnigandha Plant is something 1 ft and 2 or 5 inch.
About Rajnigandha Plant and Flower: Easy to Grow like Onion. Our image plant grows by bulbs of Rajnigandha. Rajnigandha seeds or bulbs in white in colour same like onion.

Best Season to grow Rajnigandha Flower (Tuberose): You can pot Rajni Gandhi after March, Rainy Season, October November Month.
Note: Your pot should be Like Bucket. Don’t grow in tray type pot.

How to buy:

Nursery live: https://nurserylive.com/en/plants/plants-by-features-uses/aromatic-fragrant-plants/rajnigandha-polianthes-tuberosa-plants-in-india


Mensxp: https://shop.mensxp.com/stay-home/seeds-n-plant-supplements/rajnigandha-tuberose-big-size-healthy-bulb-diamtr-of-9-14cm-double-white-flower-15-bulbs


Amazon: https://www.amazon.in/Rajnigandha-Flower-


RajniGandha Flower blooming time: There are various types of Rajnigandha Flower or Tuberose. Some people say Double petal tuberose. In various region colour of Tuberose change in blue shed, pinkshed. But mostly it is white in colour.

Time to bloom: From May, June, July, August months.