600 Foreign Company Investment Plan in India, Manufacturing Unit Scheme

600 Foreign Company Investment Plan in India Modi Government Plan on 600 Foreign Companies Manufacturing Unit in India Indian Government Subsidy to Foreign Investment. Modi Government is making a plan to attract 600 Listed foreign companies who wants to replace their Manufacturing Unit plant to other countries like India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Singapore etc. Japan has already talked to Indian government to support Japanese companies which are working in India itself and also advice to make a plan of Foreign Company Investment in India.

Foreign direct investment in India 2020: Modi Government suggested all states to make scheme for those companies which are coming from China under foreign direct investment and also create man force who can make manufacturing plant in short period of time. States like Uttar Pradesh, Mumbai, Haryana, Telangana, West Bengal sends proposal to Central Government on letter basis. where they mention what they are providing in the name of Subsidies, Tax Waiver, Land bonds for foreign firms.

List of Foreign companies investing in India: Due to Covid 19 evidence found in China. Many developed countries suggested their company to move on from China. And the large number of (600 nearly) companies eager to invest in that countries who supports America and Europe interest. So newly made America ally called India. Never wants to mis the chance.

1.Germany Leather
2.Apple Products
3.Taiwan Mobile Company
4.Japanese Company
5. American Chip Based Companies

India Finished Goods: Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Minister Piyush Goyal discuss this things with Dainik Jagran E Roundtable Programme by online video conferencing that India has guts to become global supplier. And we have 12 products which we can rule and can get special status in the world.

India China Trade Level: India on 28th May said we will not make Chinese investment in India. If China don’t allows our company to work in China
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India Global Supplier Product list
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India 12 Global Supplier Product List: India is contacting those countries who have large number raw product to manufacture in India. Auto Parts, Leather, Leather Shoes, Textiles, Food Processing, Electronics, Aluminium, Iron-Ore, PPE Products, Medical, IT Industries and Chemical are 12 products.