WhatsApp Message Limit 1 in new Android and iOS updates, New Features

WhatsApp Message Limit 1 Facebook Whastapp 1 Message Per User Limit Video SMS Whats latest Update on message limit whatsapp forward message limit Do you receive recently an update from WhatsApp, TikTok, Facebook and Youtube regarding fake news reporting. Then we suggest you to post or forward any message before someone report you in nearest Police Station. Government wants to stop fake news which are trending or gone viral in short message video app like Tik Tok, Like, WhatsApp. Talking about new feature of whatsapp. now anybody can verify message the you received on your whatsaap is through app. Which means you can search that message on internet and also recommend whether it is fake or real.

In a recent past Tik Tok Message Video was viral regards to Covid 19. And some people heavily complain on all social media platform such boycott tiktok on twitter. Youtube Creator studio has also made a form for all youtubers who past daily videos. Now they have to fill form before posting any videos and also give explanation on videos meaning.

Previous rule to forward and send any message by Whastaap is limited to 5 but from 8 april or upcoming hours you cant send message more than 2.

More than 40 crore whatsapp users is in India and almost 80 percent users likes to watch video on Youtube and Youtube company released Shorts Video App same as Tiktok