Youtube Shorts Features in Hindi, Compete with Tiktok

Youtube Shorts Features in Hindi Youtube Shorts Vs Tiktok Youtube Shorts Apps Launching Date How to make Video on Youtube Youtube Shorts APPS features and specification. Youtube is on its way to make yet another app for all youngsters who daily make video on TikTok. With 6 to 8 months Tiktok, Chinese Company attracted half of subscribers in the worl. Some are making video of comedy, some are using as business and some are checking their acting skills. The main question everybody ask is Why TikTok succeeded so fast. Than our personal opinion is given below.

Youtube Shorts App Features
In Google Playstore, Windows apps and Apple I Store - Youtube short app feature will be available.
As per news, new update will come officially on your youtube features.
In shorts application of youtube- you can make video in 0 to 60 seconds.
Music, Background effects in Music, Photos.

Note: If youtube wants to succeed in Short app than Google has to make plan on it.

1. Tiktok attracted person below 18 years but recent time many complaints filled by Social Activist against tiktok that. It is using personal information.

2. TikTok uses some advances version of making video, mixing it with lyrics, you can make effect on your video and hundreds of option to make your video as professional ways.

3. It was launched in India. As a Indian, we always need exposures online with good quality. So tiktok noticed everything.