UP Janam Praman Patra Form in Hindi, Birth Certificate Kahan Milega

UP Janam Praman Patra Form 2020 Birth Certificate Application Form in Hindi Janam Praman Patra ka Form kahan milega Birth Certificate in NRC (Citizenship Amendment Bill), NPR. If you are searching for Janam Praman Patra in UP than before going to anywhere you should read our article on Birth Certificate. In Hindi language we called janam praman patra and meaning is Birth Certificate (in English). You all know that birth certificate is necessary to make your Aadhaar Card, Family Registration Form (Parivar Register ki Nakal) as well as to identify whether you are Citizenship of the country or not. Several country in the world have its own rule and in India you can get Janam Praman Patra from UP Nagar Nigam (Municipal Corporation) in city area and in Village Gram Pradhan have authority to make your birth certificate which will be approved from Village Secretary, Village Development Officer (Gram Panchayat Adhikari) and etc officer.

UP Nagar Nigam Birth Certificate 2020: ऑनलाइन ही बनेगा प्रमाण पत्र जिससे प्रमाण पत्र बनाने में रुकेंगी धांधली। CRS Software System से बनेगा जनम praman पत्र।

UP Janam Praman Patra Form in Hindi: Janam Praman Patra is available only in registered officer and may be new Janam Praman Patra is available to replace old Janam Praman Patra i.e. old certificate. Bad news is also that many state level officer may not make your birth certificate if you cross above 18 years because only central registered office have power of attorney to make janam praman patra. In below news we have janam praman patra related news in Hindi. 

UP Nagar Nigam Janam Praman Patra 2020: Due to fear of Citizenship Amendment Act, the demand of Janam Praman Patra increased to century. In normal day janam praman patra submission in 40 to 50 number, but in current story you may see lots of people asking how to take janam praman patra.

UP Nagar Nigam Birth Certificate 2020: Department of Municipal daily earns minimum 7000 to 8000 daily. Talking to one of Janam patra form buyers said," we don’t know which form they ask to see, but we are making various types of form so that we come under CAA. 

Where to Find Janam Praman Patra: UP Nagar Nigam, Pradhan, Mayor of Nagar Nigam you can contact.

Who are eligible to make birth certificate: People are born after 1970 are eligible to apply for janam praman patra. After 1 April 1970. 

Document Required: Previous rule was CMO (Chief Medical Officer) are registered to issue janam praman patra admit card but due to security reason SSP Office will review and one inspector will check all career details.