Jeevan Pramaan Patra 2017 Pensioner Life Certificate Online Form

Jeevan Pramaan Patra 2017 Download Form Pensioner Life Certificate Online Registration Form apply sign up for Jeevan Pramaan Digital Life Certificate Form 2017 Scheme Yojana News in Hindi.

Jeevan Pramaan Patra 2017 Now online registration available with biometric e life Certificate for Pensioners, Child and employees etc. To apply online for Jeevan pramaan pensioner registration 2017 which is also called Digital Life Certificate you may have to visit official website called Objectives to implement jeevan pramaan life certificate is various old pensioners who are senior citizen when they retire from their service as government or private employee, to get their salary as pension they need to visit various office to Centre office like Bangalore, Mumbai and UP in order to get their pensions. In which Pensioner need not be have appear before the pension disbursing authority.

Introduction: Digital life Certificate for Pensioners Latest Scheme of the Government of India known as Jeevan Pramaan Yojana is a biometric, is digitizing the whole process of securing the e life certificate.

Benefits: The Main Benefits is Pensioners of Central Government, State Government or any other Government organization can take benefit of this facility. Pensioners with Aadhaar No. can biometrically authenticate their presence by giving Aadhaar No., Pension Payment Order No., Bank A/c No. and Mobile Number.

Requirements :Personal Computer with Good Internet Connection, Optical Finger Print Scanner, IRIS Scanner and Printer

How to Apply: Download and Install the PC Jeevan Pramaan application from the URL login: website.

1. The Pension Disbursing Agencies can access the certificate on-line.
2. Pensioner can generate digital life certificate from home computer using his/her biometric fingerprint scanner.
3. Jeevan Pramaan uses the Aadhaar platform for biometric authentication of the pensioner.
4. A successful authentication generates the Digital Life Certificate which gets stored in the Life Certificate Repository.
5. After a successful authentication a SMS is sent to Pensioner’s mobile number including Jeevan Pramaan Certificate ID. Print copy can also be taken.

How it Works:

1. Self authentication by scanning either a finger print or Iris.

2. Software: Run the jeevan pramaan software from Desktop. Enter necessary information like Aadhaar number, Pension Payment Order No., Bank Account No., Bank Name and your Mobile number download from http://

Important Links:

1. Jeevan praman Latest News Digital Life Certificate for Pensioner: India/PPT/Jeevan_Pramaan-PPT.pdf
2. Download the PC, Mobile application Jeevan Pramaan Apps Windows & Android client software here:

Jeevan Pramaan Centre:

SMS: JPL to 7738299899 get list of Jeevan Pramaan centre near your pin code.

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