Over speed e challan payment UP, Pay Overspeeding Challan in Toll Plaza

Over speed e challan payment UP, Pay Overspeeding Challan in Toll Plaza after e challan cut in Agra, Mathura Expressways Highways. In Yamuna expressways over speed challan camera installed in Highways and it will immediately take selfie of your Bike, Car, Bus, Truck number when you cross above the limit to apply e challan overspeeding. During recent time many people met with recent accident in Yamuna Agra Expressways. More than 50 people died in Bus Accident and to stop these accident many sanctioned imposed on Wheel Speed Limit maximum 80 KM per hour. Through an example you can understand how e challan automatically applies on you when you exceed speed limit of your cars mostly. In Light vehicle over speed limit is 100 KM per hour in which you can run all your Maruti Swift, Fortuner, Tata Harrier, Tata Sumo, Nissan Datsun Go +, Honda Car, Hyundai, Kia Motors etc. Heavy vehicle like Truck, Bus should be maximum 80 Kilometer per hour.

Overspeeding e challan Traffic Police rate list 2019 in UP: Suppose if you cross above 80 to 100 KM per hour than over speed challan camera shoot your car number and send it to next toll for payment. In toll camera will e challan your vehicle and you can only check you’re over speed challan status when you pay your payment on overspeed e challan payment. So radar will capture overspeed Vahan challan on below pricing list.

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UP Delhi e challan compare: soon available
Helpline Numbers:
Women’s Helpline: 1091
North East’s Helpline: 1093
Foreigner’s Helpline: 8750871111
Senior Citizen’s Helpline: 1291

1. Rs 1000 Jurmana (Fine) on Vahan Chalak of Light Motor Vehicle.
2. Rs 2000 fine on Heavy motor vehicle like Bus Truck or according to CC. 

E Challan Status Over speed Pending: YOU MUST PAY you pending e challan, otherwise penalty also apply on late payment of e challan in all e challan on Helmet, driving licence, overspeed etc.

UP E Challan Traffic Police: Chief Minister Adityanath yogi said in his latest comment that we are not going to change current rules and New Traffic e challan applies in all location.

E challan on High Speed Car: e challan police always ready to book your Cars, Bus or Truck whenever you not follow rules on high speed car.

Overspeading: Rs 1000 fine to LMV and Rs 2000 Bus Truck etc.