Reliance Jammu Kashmir Investment Latest News 2019, RIL AGM

Reliance Jammu Kashmir Investment Latest News 2019, RIL Investment in Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh, Reliance Saudi Arabia Investment in Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh. Reliance Ambani announce to invest new Union Territories of India. Reliance Industry Chairmen said this truth in AGM Meeting held on 12 August 2019. Recently Reliance industries has also deal with Saudi Arabia Govt supported company called Saudi Aramco with 75 Billion Dollar deal in various sectors on India. Which we can see as a vision of Young King Mohammad Bin Salman for not fully depending on oil in dark period. So here we are talking on Reliance Investment in Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh both are fresh Apple that can be used for various methods to grow new trees, to use as foods, to make dry fruit etc. But here Reliance India Plan is something different.

RIL Jammu Kashmir Investment: Reliance says we have various projects received from Government to make employment in all regions of Jammu Kashmir. After Article 370 removal and on 12th August Eid time, there is no such incident happen in feather district. National Security Advisor daily went various places in Jammu Kashmir mostly to solve problems on sensitive basis. ANI national newspaper of India tweet through its tweeter accounts that RIL Chairman and Managing Director, Mukesh Ambani: Responding to the call of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh.

Reliance Ladakh Investment: Pashmina Goat Hair Shawls, Sarees of Jammu Kashmir Ladakh is most demanded wearable in western world. Due to high banned India recently banned but through proper measure it may re construct soon.

Now New Company from National and International Basis going to open in Jammu and Kashmir.
Employment generated in a large manner from Agriculture, By Making Electricity through dam, Tourism etc.
Mukesh Ambani in his last words says," You will see several announcements for the Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir People in the coming days.
Reliance India and Saudi Aramco has made 75 Billion dollar deal.