Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank Loan without Interest, Free Loan Scheme

Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank Loan without Interest the Story of one village where Bank Loan given without interest. Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank of Jharkhand Dhanbad helps people to marry their daughter, admission in school, college or engineering college. This is social awareness news for all our readers who daily visit our website to check latest information on current jobs, general knowledge, current affairs, Sarkari Yojana and whats happening in this world. Believe if someone gives you money when you really need and they not asked to pay loan with interest with compulsory date. Than here is Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank located in Jharkhand Dhanband district village named Ojhadeeh. People say this bank is 100 years old and the name of this bank we again speaking is Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank. The main objective of GM Bank is to secure life of Poor farmers, villagers who went to bank for loan and unable to repay it but this bank will allow you to register name and pay every month limited amount of money same as Jio 3 month recharge plan.

You are only eligible to open account in this bank when you believes in Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank with Humanity, believe in god and respect. 100 year old Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank doesn’t ask you to pay your loan amount on time and don’t make any type of interest rate, appoint bouncer to collect debt revenue. Those people who follow dhanbad bank have repay their loan on time and there is no rumors heard about this bank on whether they forcibly collect loan payment.

How villagers contribute in Gauranga Mahaprabhu Bank Free Loan Scheme
All family from this village has to give Rs 350.
If you are a govt employee than Rs 150.
Pension taking employee Rs 100
1 percent fine on people who give dowry during in groom marriage.
2 percent fine on person who take dowry from bride family.