UP Good Samaritan Scheme, Rs 2000 Incentives in Road Accident

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UP Good Samaritan Scheme : UP Government proposed one bill for those injured people who met with an accident and nobody care to bring them in Hospital. You have seen many people in Highways, Street Road and some times in newspaper that person has died due to not getting suitable amount of medical treatment after road accident because of his blood released from its body before anyone saw hime.

Rs 2000 Incentives in Road Accident: Good Samaritan is focused connection between injured person and life saver. You only have to do that you have to bring patient urgently to near hospital so that he cant affected with serious injuries or disease.

Good Samaritan lesson always says work for humanity, respect people whether he is human or animal. Both have life and both born on same date and time according to Nature. Government must also focused to add one story, moral story poem to be taught in every class which can bring more awareness in people mind and children who can give best example on how to save injured person in road accident.

1. Rs 2,000 incentive to people who bring back those left injured person in hospital.
2. You can get this amount from State Road Safety cell.
3. Government has funded Rs 50 Lakh for Samaritan (Injured Person to Hospital Scheme).
4. Road Accident bill soon come in light.

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