Shoelace Features, Google Online Networking App, Launching Date

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Google Shoelace Launching Date: We are a family of 1.3 billion people growing and going to defeat first time China on Population basis. So we have to implement policy of China other wise it will effect our GDP, Jobs and Many more. But here we are talking about New Social networking site brought you by our favourite search engine Google. Google has not accepted defeat from facebook after unsuccessful in its popular platform Google Plus, Orkut, Schemer. Here we talking about search engine giant new website Shoelace.

1st Features: We have seen the structure of Shoelace through our Science memory of 9th Students as DNA structure which combines in loop wise. So loop means it can connect you according to your interest.

2nd Features: After Review Shoelace website in our first impression we observed it may be E commerce where we can purchase our product through friend recommendation. However shoelace team already said to user that your content visibility is according to your search. But what does it means Its privacy setting or our Interest.

Shoelace 3rd Features: Shoelace means it is a mobile app which helps people to connect when they change their cities and wanted to make new friend.

4th Features: In Stage 1 Google will verify Shoelace through Newyork community after that it will be launch in other states or countries.

5th Features: App will ask your interest through selection of Tag in Shoelace Community, Food, Travel, Meet etc.