Google Shoelace, New Social Networking Site, How to Sign up

Google Shoelace New Social Networking Site, How to Sign up Shoelace, Google Shoelace Features, Google shoelace registration with Gmail account.

Google Shoelace Recently Google has tested its Shoelace website, a new Social Networking site of Google Company. It helps people to connect people who are interested in same things. Like someone is near to you and Google Shoelace gives you message regarding he is watching Movie that you likes, Buying Smartphone from Big bazaar, Flipkart, Amazon Shops than through loop method information stopped in your Shoelace account.

Features of Google Shoelace: according to google officer when someone asked about GOOGLE SHOELACE. They said Google shoelace will change your social life (Supercharge your life).

Privacy in Shoelace: Google said we are aware about users privacy and people are eligible to join community without knowing someone else.

Google New Social Site: Google Tries many social networking sites but failed to make interest in people minds. According to android police google made similar in 2011 social networking SCHEMER site that they have launched Shoelace right now but was retired in 2013. Google added ORKUT which was better than Facebook but it requires some new features but it become major hurt for Google.

Google + Retirement 2019: In 2011 Google plus launched but Google also drop it from its platform due to Facebook and twitter.

Our Opinion: Google should make new social networking site but they should ask people interest, what people are thinking in mind.

How to Signup Shoelace: Official website of Shoelace is shoelace and working in USA. it is expected to be launching in India, Europe big audience very soon.