NASAs Punch Mission to Study Sun and Space, Tracers Mission Current Affairs 2 July

NASAs Punch Mission to Study Sun and Space, Tracers Mission Launched Date 2022 Current Affairs 2 July for UPSC Students, NASA mission on Suns.

NASAs Punch Mission 2022: This is important current affairs question asked in UPSC exam for example in UPSC Prelims 2016 on question asked on Greased Lightning-10 (GL-10) recently in the news and its answer is Electric Plane tested by NASA.  In The Hindu article of science column Nasas 10 Electric Planes completes flight test. In  2022 Nasa going to launch Punch Mission for studying Sun Surface but before that you should know NASA already launch one mission named Parker Solar Pro, India will Launch Aditya L1.

Nasa Mission on Sun: What is the effect of Sun in Space Weather when suns solar flayers’ radiation passed through planets?  The term Space Weather meaning is Sun rays extract in space. Whether you are in any planet you little bit effected with Sun Rays.

Impact of Sunrays or Space Weather in Earth: Sun Flayers can directly damage our Mobile travel communication in a large manner from satellites to Aviation. In short time our sun also produces sun wind. In 2014 NASA reveals Sun is detected to produce largest amount of flayers but due to Earth magnetic fields we are today save.

Through Satellite or by Punch Mission we can prepare early warning that can alarm and hide us from sun heat. NASA launching two missions to understand Sun and its dynamics effects on space weather.

1 Mission Study how sun drive particles, Heliosphere, Corona of Sun (Middle part of Sun).
2 Mission Response of Earth after Sun flayers enters in earth atmosphere.

3. Heliosphere Meaning: Area covered by Sun FLAYERS.
4. In 2020 4 Satellite launched by NASA.

5. After Punch Mission NASA will launch TRACERS mission (Tandom Re Connection and Cusp Electrodynamics Reconnaissance Satellites). Tracers will observe particles and fields at the earth mother magnetic fields.

Name of Human Space Exploration from ISRO: Indias Gaganyan.

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