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Question: Name of the Auto Biography Written by Pakistan Cricketer Shahid Afridi ?
Answer: Game Changer

Question: Name of the Autobiography Written by Indian Captain Saurav Ganguly?
Answer: A Century is not enough.

Question: Name of the Place where Final was played on 14 July 2019 ?
Answer: Lords, It is called Mecca of Cricket.

Question: Number of World Cup Edition Played in Cricket ?
Answer: 12th Edition.

Question: How Many World Cup Hosted by England and Wales ?
Answer: 5th Time.

Question: Name of the Official Song of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ?
Answer: Stand BY, Loryn & Rudimental.

Question: Name of the Indian Empire Selected for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?
Answer: Sundaram Ravi

Question: Name of First Australian Match Umpire who will umpire in Mens Cricket ?
Answer: Claire Pollock

Question: Name of the First Women Match Referrey
Answer: GS Lakshmi.

Question: Next World Cup 2023 to be Played in Which Country ?
Answer: India, 13th Edition, India will fully hosting 2023 World Cup. (1996, 1987, 2011 and 2023).

Question: How Many Times World Cup Tied
Answer: 5th Time.

Question: Name of Batsmen Who gets Golden Bat Player of the Tournament ?
Answer: Rohit Sharma 648.

Question: Name of the Higher Scorer Batsmen in Cricket Tournament ?
Answer:  David Warner.

Question: Name of the Captain who contributed its team with most run ?
Answer: Kane Williamson 578 Runs.

Question: Name of the Baller who have taken most wicket in World Cup 2019 ?
Answer: Mitchell Stark.

Question: Name of the Low Scorer Country in ICC 2019 Cricket Tournament ?
Answer: Pakistan (All out on 105 runs against west indies).

Question: Name of the team who scored Highest team total against Afghanistan ?
Answer: England 397/6.

Question: Name Fastest Hundred Scored by which Batsmen ICC Cricket World Cup ?
Answer: ION Morgen (In 57 Balls).

ICC Cricket World Cup Expected Question:
Player of the Tournament: Kane Williamson.
ICC World Cup Fastest 50: Alex Carey against India.
Most 4st: Rohit Sharma 67
Most Six: Eoin Morgen.
Hattrick Ballers: Mohammad Shami, Trent Bault
5 Centuries: Rohit Sharma in Single World Cup.
Retirement News: Lasith Malinga Sri Lanka, Shoaib Malik (Pakistan), Imran Tahir (South Africa).