Dhoni Run Out on No Ball Fan dies after Dhoni Out Lata Mangeshkar

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Dhoni Run Out There is a large debate viral from 11 July that Dhoni was illegally given run out under power play rule. Many cricket fan are claiming that Dhoni was not out as it was forced to given. So here we are sharing some important news regarding ms dhoni latest news today. Now we have to accept we are out from world but game is not over because something is missing in India Vs New Zealand March.

Dhoni Run Out Latest news:  6 fielders outside 30 yards goes unnoticed by Umpire from all areas at one of the best moments of #IndVsNewZealand Would have been deciding. During dhoni batting 6 player was outside the circle which is not in ICC rules.

Note: At the time of Dhoni out required run was 25 runs on 10 ball which can be maked by dhoni. But this run out spoiled everything.

Fan dies after Dhoni Out: Kolkata Cricket fan dies after knowing dhoni is now out.

Lata Mangeshkar Statement on Dhoni: Pride of India and Queen of Voice Lata Mangeshkar said after listening retirement of dhoni. She said he has to play more innings and make more youth to join Indian Cricket.

Kane Wlliamson: Captain of First Final Team of New Zealand says Dhoni has change our future of winning final. It  was a big moment when dhoni out.