How to Delete Image Data from Face App, Is it Safe for You

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How to Delete Image from Face App Recently we have seen many celebrity who uses Face App to look them as Senior Citizen or Old Men/ Women. Like Virat Kohli, Joe Jonas, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and someone already check it is real current Donald Trump look like previous Young Donald Trump. Here we are talking about face app and its pros and cons. First of all Face app originated from its birth place Russia and we know the relation of America and Russia is worst than India Pakistan because we can found Pakistani friends commenting in popular Facebook page to display them how they are. On current time Face App is facing server issue when is personally check it on my android device of S6 Model on 19th July. When I wanted to see me as 80 Saal ka Buddha than Face App says,” we are currently facing high traffic on our Face App Apk platform which will be soon resolved.

Delete Image from Face App: in Face app your data means your favorite image in which you wanted to look 50 year old men/women. Face App itself can delete your data be applying following steps.
1. Directly go to privacy option of Face app
2. Then write subject privacy.

3. In below write message delete all my data from face app, remove your data from face app.
4. You will get message your data is removed.
5. if you dont get message than Factory Data Reset is last option.

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Face App Safe or Not: In privacy terms condition of face app which you skip reading after installing app to use it clearly says,” we will use your photo on many ways. By the Face App IS FAR BETTER the Face Book and it’s already facing billion dollar fine imposed by America.

How to avoid data stolen from your android Smartphone/ios application: before downloading any type of app you must read all related document carefully like how app read your contact lists, will you give permission to app to visit gallery, will you allow app to download other app.

Face App team: Always use trusted APP LIKE FACE APP. FACEAPP gives who information in its privacy. And your data is as save as in Facebook but difference is Face App is Russian App and Facebook is American App.