Agent Smith Virus Removal for Android, How to Remove Agent Smith Virus

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Agent Smith Virus has registered its plot in more than 2.5 Million Smartphone in the world. Main job profile of Agent Smith Virus is to enter in popular application used by smart phone users and replace it with replica apps after reinstalling it secretly. So if you want to check your smart phone is my phone is affected with Agent Smith Virus or wants any antivirus that removes Agent Smith Virus than take it to new tech shops.

Agent Smith Virus Indian Android Phones Numbers are in crore 1.5 million users in India don’t know they have new agent smith virus friend. A Cyber security expert says in India popular application like Jio, Whatsapp, and hotstar application are affected in it. If you have watched popular character of Matrix film named Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) and in that time it was greatest ever film made in history of film. How agent smith duplicate himself to fight hero of matrix Keanu Reeves.

Work of Agent smith malware on your mobile: There will be no notification you will receive about agent smith malware/virus is downloaded on your mobile.

1. Agent smith virus jobs are to display ads which may gain your financial account, fraud type message or phone call.
2. It will remove your original apps and re installed same app with its codes in languages (Hindi, Arabic, Russian, and Indonesian).

Agent Smith Virus Effected Countries List 2019: From Asia India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia and from western countries it now affects UK, Australia, and UK.

How to Remove Agent Smith Virus without paying any Money: Below are some important points which can help you to cure your mobile with smith virus.

1. Restore your Smartphone with Memory card.
2. Buy new antivirus.
3. Uninstalled all apps and re installed one again.
4. Uncheck option of Automatic installation of app in your phone settings.
5. Don’t use Smartphone every time try to use it from Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Apple Safari.