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Income Certificate for General Students In this posts we will talked about how to get Income Certificate for General Category Students whose family income is below Rs 8 Lakh.  Under the Constitutional Amendment Bill 2019 Modi Government supported bill to pass 10 Percent Reservation to general community in India. Poor, Economic Weaker Section Society OF General, Ration Card Holder APL, and BPL General Category are eligible to get certificate of General Category below Rs 8 Lakhs.

New Reservation Quota for General Category Students: Before 4 Months left for General Election in India Union Cabinet led by Bhartiya Janata Party led by Late Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Founder) cleared the Reervoted Arakshan Bill for Samanya Jati Abhyarti in all departments of Central Government, State Govt, Scholarship, Education and Social Welfare Scheme.

Name of the Posts
The Passage of Constitutional 124 Amendment Bill
10% Reservation to General Category students
Minimum Family Income Rs 8 Lakh
Bill Passed
In Lok Sabha
8 January 2019

List of General Category who will directly benefit from General 10 percent Reservation Bill 2019 is Brahmins, Rajpoot, Jat, Marathas, Bhimhar, Baniya, Vaishya (Trading Business Class Caste), along with Patidars, Gujjars , Kappus, Kammas depending on which caste.

The Proposed Eligibility Criteria for 10% Quota is
So people who make money less than Rs 8, 00,000 (which means monthly Rs 66,666).
Size of Agriculture Land must be below Rs 5 Lakh.
However if you fall under category of Rs Below rules than you will not get under Modi Government Latest Policy of General 10% Reservation Bill 2019.
People who have residential plot of More than 1,000 square feet.
That family who owns residential plot in Munipality location (nagar nigam) 100 square yards.
In Non Notified areas of 200 Yards should not above 200 yards

Maharashtra Reservation for Marathas: In November BJP government passed 16% reservation to the politically influential Marathas. That has status of backwards classes.

Constituent Amendment Bill 124 says that benefit from constitutional Articles, discrimination and equal Opportunity generally do not apply to them.


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