General Category Reservation News to Poor Family, Income Rs 8 Lakh

General Category Reservation Latest News 2019 | Samanya Arakshan to Poor Family, Eligibility Income Rs 8 Lakh | 10% General Category Reservation in Jobs | Promotion Recruitment in Modi Government.

General Category Reservation in 2019 there is scope for General Category Students who have income below 8 Lakh. Recently Prime Minister Narendra Modi Government gave green signal to General Category People who are fighting from many years to give reservation on Income, Poverty Basis. We all know that we are best developing developed countries in the world from our buying capacity, Manpower, Bright Minded People and Record in Foreign Direct Investment. But to get govt jobs we allow reservation according to Caste, Religion basis.

General Category Reservation Latest News 2019: National Sample Survey Institute of India say in India there are 95% people belongs to Economic Weaker Section Society. And the Amendment bill that passed in Lok Sabha may fully not get proper benefits because the recommended quota may be over and above the 50 percent reservation already to the SC ST and other backwards classes.

General Caste Wise Reservation to these major Jati (Caste): Brahmins, Rajputs (Thakurs), Jats, Marathas, Bhumihars, Trading Caste Kapus and Kammas among other caste etc.

Lok Sabha Latest News on General Category Reservation: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi (BJP) and Congress (Rahul Gandhi) already presented in time when Lok Sabha bill on General Caste Reservation Passed. Talking about how many members in Parliament satisfied or clear green signal is 323 member in lOK sabha was voted in support of Lok Sabha Constitutional Amendment bill but 3 voted against the General Category Bill.

1. Various Party Reply after Samanya Arakshan: BSP, TDP, SP, DMK welcomed the lok sabha general bill but they said this is Political stunt.
2. Eligibility Criteria to Make General Category Reservation is: Rs 8 Lakh Yearly Income from all sources.
3. in recent time BJP losses party seats from Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. Where it was in power.

Some Popular Comments on Social Media on 10% reservation general Category is
Thank you Modi ji for supporting poor from general category to all religions.
Hindustan Needs BJP for one more time.
Abolish all Reservation rules.
No Opposition Party could oppose it.


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