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Antyodaya Anna Yojana AAY online application form Ration Card status list in Hindi given to the Antyodaya families with yellow ration cards.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) The ambition of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana scheme in Rajasthan Jammu Kashmir etc which launched in 2000 after 10 years is to provide special rice wheat grain sugar food-based assistance AAY BPL to destitute antyodaya anna yojana beneficiaries households. These households are given a special antyodaya card such ration card (an “Antyodaya card” in Malayalam ), and are entitled to special grain quotas at highly subsidized antyodaya card list prices for rice, wheat, sugar and kerosene.

Color:- antyodaya anna yojana ration card color is light green and pink according to states Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh UP and Orissa (Chitrakoot, Banda, Mahoba, Hamirpur, Lalitpur, Bolangir, Nuapada, Kalahandi, Ganjam and Gajapati).We are also grateful to Concern India for their financial support to conduct the performance audit in two districts of Orissa (Sundargarh and Kendujhar).

Conducting Authority
Central Government of India
Name of the Scheme
Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY)
Launched on
December 2000
Price of Wheat and Rice in AAY
Wheat and rice at the rate of Rs 3 and Rs 2 per kg.
 widows or sick person/ handicap/ persons 60 years of age
Total Ration in Antyodaya Anna Yojana
35 किलो चावल/ गेहूं
Total Family members in one Family
members count in the family like up to 6 members 
Eligibility criteria
 Must have their BPL Cards with them.
Document Required
Identity Proof such as Aadhar Card, Income Certificate, Driving License, Electricity Bill 
Income Limit an Benefited given
per month income of Rs.250 (widow, Old, Pregnant Women ect 
Antyodaya Anna Yojana ration card color

Pink line.
How to Apply
One of the family members needs to apply with family income details and submit it to the Gram Pradhan, Secretary.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana Eligibility Criteria:- Against each Antyodaya card, beneficiary household or individuals are entitled to 35kg. of subsidized rice or wheat per month from the designated local ration shop.

Subsidy in Antyodaya Anna Yojana:- The Food Subsidy for Antyodaya Anna Yojana AAY, BPL & APL 2011 2013 subsidized price charged is Rs. 2/- per kg. for wheat and Rs. 3/- per kg. for rice. Under no circumstance a FPS dealer should charge any additional charges above this price. Food Security Schemes in Orissa and UP Food Security Schemes 2016 Introduction Brief Introduction of 10 Food Security and Social Security Schemes

antyodaya anna yojana eligibility Supreme Court Order Summary:
1. Every family or individual in the following social group should be given an Antyodaya Card: Aged infirm, disabled, destitute men and women, pregnant and lactating women, destitute women;
2. widows and other single women with no regular support;
3. old persons (aged 60 or above) with no regular support and no assured means of subsistence;
4. households with a disabled adult and assured means of subsistence;
5. households where due to old age, lack of physical or mental fitness, social customs, need to care for a disabled, or other reasons, no adult member is available to engage in gainful employment outside the house;

6. primitive tribes.

Antyodaya Anna Yojana Ration List of Surveyed Villages /Districts Uttar Pradesh (Bundelkhand)
District code 1. Chitrakoot District
Village code and Name Grampanchayat Block
1. Devi ka purva Goda Karvi
2.Pahara Pahara Karvi
3.Look Patouda Karvi
4. Patouda Karvi
5. Sunaudapurva Bhagalpur Karvi
6. Rampur Mafi Bharatpur Karvi
7. Chheriha dandi Kolan Chherihakhurd Manikpur
8.Kol Colony Kihuniya Manikpur
9. Jaromafi Jaromafi Manikpur
10.Tikuri Unchadih Manikpur
11.Morkata(Kol Village) Unchadih Manikpur
12.Amarpur Unchadih Manikpur

2. Banda District
1.Kartal Kartal Narayani
2.Ragauli Bhatpura Ragauli Bhatpura Narayani
3.Panchampur Panchamur Narayani
4.Kanay Kanay Narayani
5.Nahari Nahari Narayani
6.Banjarapurva Pongari Narayani
7. Motepurva Pongari Narayani
8. Mukera Narayani

3. Mahoba District
1.Bilakhi Bilakhi Kabarai
2.Murani Pawa Kabarai
3.Khama Khama Jaitpur
4. Ganj Jaitpur
5.Bamhouri Beldara Bamhouri Beldara Charakhari
6. Godha Charkhari
7. Gaurhari Charkhari
8.Bhattewara Kala Gouharari Charkhari
9.Budoura Fadana Panwadi
10.Kilhova Kilhova Panwadi
11.Rawatpura Kulpahar Jaitpur
12.Thathewara Thathewara Jaitpur

4. Hamirpur District
1.Kharounj Kharounj Kurara
2.Kutubpur Kutubpur Kurara
3.Bhainsapali Bhainsapali Kurara
4. Rithara Patara Kurara
5.Jalla Jalla Kurara
6.Para Para Kurara
7.Kandour Kandour Kurara
8.Shankarpur Para Kurara
9.Beri Beri Kurara
10.Jakhela Jakhela Kurara

5. Lalitpur District
1.Madanpur Madanpur Madawara
2.Darutala Madanpur Madawara
3.Didouniya Didouniya Madawara
4.Jalandhar Jalandhar Madawara
5.Bamhourikalan Bamhourikala Madawara
6.Sorai Sorai Madawara
7.Pisanari Siroun Madawara
8.Sakara Dhourisagar Madawara

Orissa Antyodaya Anna Yojana Ration list
District Code : 1 Bolangir District
1.Chabripali Bhanpur Khaprakhol
2.Thutibhatta Bhanpur Khaprakhol
3.Buromal Bhanpur Khaprakhol
4.Hanupali Bhanpur Khaprakhol
5.Bramhani Bhanpur Khaprakhol
6.Salepali Matiabhata Khaprakhol
7.Kantapali Matiabhata Khaprakhol
8.Anakamara Matiabhata Khaprakhol
9.Kendubhata Matiabhata Khaprakhol
10.Matiabhata Matiabhata Khaprakhol

2 Nuapada District
1.Bendrabahal Bargaon Khariar
2.Khudpej Khudpej Khariar
3.Budhapara(Palsada) Damjhar Boden
4.Salepada Damjhar Boden
5.Durkamunda Damjhar Boden
6.Bhaludungari Dabri Khariar
7.Birighat Birighat Khariar
8.Kusamal Birighat Khariar
9.Bhimapadar Lanji Khariar
10.Uparpita Lanji Khariar

3. Kalahandi District
1.Rajendrapur Bandhapari Lanjigarh
2.Balisara Bandhpari Lanjigarh
3.Kendubordi Lanjigarh
4.Kandakhal Chancher Kesinga
5.Gotiyapada Kasrupada Kesinga
6.Khamari Gaigaon Kesinga
7.Kanabira Gaigaon Kesinga
8.Chingadipas Gopinathpur Thuamul Rampur
9.Fataki Mahul(Harijanpada) Gopinathpur Thuamul Rampur
10.Pokharighat Chancher Bhawanipatna

4. Ganjam District
1.Badapalli Subalaya Ganjam
2.Satuli Santoshpur Ganjam
3.Balasingipalli Umuridharmasaranpur Ganjam
4.Biripur Karpada Ganjam
5.Jharapokhari Chikalakhandi Chhatrapur
6.Komapalli Bhikaripalli Chhatrapur
7.Arjunpalli Sundarpur Chhatrapur
8.Spaikapada Kalipalli Chhatrapur
9.Bpikpada Kalipalli Chhatrapur
10.Telimala Kalimeghi Beguniapada
11.Barabara Kalimeghi Beguniapada
12.Baidapada Kalimeghi Beguniapada

UP Rashan card April news 2016 from the Lucknow districts UP Bundelkhand will provide free ration card scheme 2016 at suitable prices Bundelkhand districts free ration card date to holders of APL BPL AAY people garibi rekha sey nichey Uttar Pradesh under nation food security acts


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