UP Ration Card Online Application Form 2016 fcs.up.nic.in APL BPL

UP Ration Card Online Application Form 2016

UP Ration Card Online Application Form 2016 rashan card registration hindi news State Government department of food and civil supplies department up Are Invited to people to make Ration Card UP Online Form 2016 for those BPL card and APL Above Poverty Line or level Antyodaya Ration Cards holder of minority Application Form 2015 and get Subsidies with low cost wheat, rice, Sugar, kerosene etc through Ration Card number in Kotedaar pe shops under act called National Food Security Act Check Your NFSA Eligibility here Those 10th pass or graduates Family who are Recently living in City or Metro City such as Lucknow, Kanpur and Noida and small city Allahabad Area of garibi rekha say upper and not Have a Ration Card Are Eligible to Apply the Online Form. How to apply ration card is interested candidates can apply through online mode and Offline mode registration from Portal of Food and Civil Supplies

UP Ration Card Online Status 2015 In our new food and civil supplies department up jaunpur posts we have some good news Uttar Pradesh Public i.e. now not only they can digitization number renewal of APL Cards of Antyodayatatkal Ration Card Data and as well as they can also Search status for UP BPL Ration Card form 2015. Below we have given some sort of latest news on UP application forms of ration card verification Certificate to apply district wise town and cities. Now you can also have the option of member deletion ration card. UP ration card online check status 2015 and UP gorakhpur new rashan card status  2015 and How to know the UP Rashan card status from uponline.up.nic.in from Official site for Ration card in Uttar Pradesh Election Commission Applications are invited from the eligible candidates Food and Civil Supplies Department. Lucknow rashan card latest news 2016 online ration card, registration in lucknow

UP Ration Card Online Application Form Details of How to apply with their Photo copy of required Certificate, documents and Candidates of SC & ST categories shall enclose self attested photo copy of Caste certificate issued by the competent authority for the purpose of employment.Benefits of reservation will be given only to the candidates who are originally domiciled of U.P. The candidates who are not originally domiciled of U.P. are not entitled to the benefits

Eligibility Criteria for UP Online Ration Card
Family can only apply to the current time who is Present Time living in City Areas.

Educational Qualification for Document Required Filling Form
A candidate should be able to speak, read and write Photo of Family Head, Voter ID Card No. Compulsory, Aadhar number not needed this time but after some it will be necessary to attach so make you’re UP Adhar Card 2015 from office or Shop, Income Details of Every Members, LPG Connection Details, Bank Account Details, Ward Name & Number, Name of Shopkeeper

Age Limit: 
Candidates upper age limit is not available Relaxation is applicable as per the rules.
How to Apply

  1. Viewers Direct Go to Apply Online fcs.up.nic.in Link or below site
  2. Click for New Registration Page.
  3. After the Completing the Registration Process You Get the OTP password on Registered Mobile.
  4. Then you can fill the Online Form as per Your Details.
  5. After You Get the Temporary Ration Card Number Print the Receipt form
UP Ration Card District wise Department में जमा करें फार्म UP Ration Card Last Date 2015

विभाग के कर्मचारिया ने बताया कि There is no last date of Ration Card अगर वेबसाइट हैंग हो रही है तो आवेदक क्षेत्रीय आपूर्ति कार्यालय में फार्म जमा कर सकता है। ग्रामीण इलाका के लोग तहसील मुख्यालय में फार्म जमा करें।

यह लगाने हैं कागज UP Ration Card Document Required in while filling form of Rasan Card 2015
पति की जगह महिला के नाम का  वोटर आईडी कार्डआधार कार्डबैंक पास बुक और अपने पूरे परिवार के सदस्यों की एक साथ खींची गई फोटो लानी आवश्यक है।

यहां से लें फार्म  जमा करें UP Ration Card Form Download 2015 or Ration Card buy Centres In Head Post Office Civil Lines

How to get a new online ration card 2015-16 in up sample pdf guidelines

Take a printout of the ration card applications forms , which you have submitted, for further proceedings. Note the application number and date.UP Ration card application Status 2015 on Objections and check Payment Details Application form new ration card sample paper clue

UP Ration Card Holder Ration articles issued through Ration Shops in  March- 2015 for all APL Cardholder, Subsidy Cardholder,  No subsidy APL , BPL Cardholder for wheat, rice, Kerosene to Non Electrified household for antyodaya anna yojana scheme 2015

मिट्टी का तेल प्रति लीटर ( दूरी के आधार पर )     
12.50 - 13.50
12.50 - 13.50
12.50 - 13.50

Apply online for registration of citizens of Uttar Pradesh for grabbing UP ration cards. UP Citizens can register themselves by apply online by filling a form provided by the department of UP Civil Supplies of Uttar Pradesh. For registration, certain details such as previous month or day ya week existing ration card details in UP , user details like user ID, username, password, email ID, address, etc. are required to be filled in the form.

UP Ration Card Latest News 2015 Date 6 April 2015

1st April 2015 से UP में खाद्य सुरक्षा अधिनियम Food Security Act 2015 in UP लागू होना था। इसके लागू होते ही लाखों कार्डधारक छंट जाते और राशन कार्ड से वंचित हो जाते लेकिन अब ऐसा नहीं होगा। अधिनियम लागू नहीं हुआ। नई व्यवस्था कब लागू होगी, तय नहीं लेकिन स्थानीय अफसरों को सूचना मिली है कि यूपी में इसे लागू करने की समय सीमा छह माह के लिए और बढ़ा दी गई है। ऐसे में जिन Rashan Card Dharak ने अब तक Online Form Fill up नहीं किए हैं, उन्हें Apply करने का एक और मौका मिल गया है। इस दौरान Old कार्डधारकों को नए Computerised Card जारी करने और नए राशन कार्ड के लिए ऑनलाइन आवेदन की प्रक्रिया जारी रहेगी।

APL और BPL कार्डधारकों up ration card online Details में पात्र एवं अपात्र को छांटकर अलग-अलग सूची जारी कर दी गई है। इन दिनों अपात्रों से आपतियां लिए जाने, उनसे ऑनलाइन आवेदन भरवाए जाने और Adhinayam के तहत नए लाभार्थियों को शामिल करने के लिए उनसे भी Online Application Form in Hindi जाने की प्रक्रिया चल रही है। अगर पहली अप्रैल से खाद्य सुरक्षा अधिनियम लागू हो जाता तो लाखों लोग ऑनलाइन Avedan से वंचित रह जाते और शुरुआत में उन्हें इसका Profit नहीं मिलता। आपूर्ति विभाग के सूत्रों के मुताबिक अब तक दस लाख से अधिक लोग ऑनलाइन आवेदन नहीं कर सके हैं। ऐसे में उन्हें समय मिल गया है। पहली अप्रैल से खाद्य सुरक्षा अधिनियम लागू Khadya Suraksha Adhiniyam Lagu नहीं हुआ।

सूत्रों का कहना है कि इसकी समय सीमा 6 Month बढ़ाई जा रही है।

Are you searching for UP Ration card NFSA 2015 or up ration card april 2015 News then correct place

some people or website says that Last Date to Apply online for UP ration card is 15th April 2015 but it is not write because there is no last date upto single person filled this up rashan card online form filling feature was launched on 1st february 2015 and now latest news is that you can also convert or you have a chance to change your rashan card bpl to apl a reporter from district lucknow said it. Now than grab like flip kart and Snap deal your wheat, rice, sugar and 5 litre kerosene.

If you have any problem regarding how to fill or rationcard form unable to fill up, After you did not receiving the OTP number enter than comment it below i will response to your comment.Rock on to official blog or open the UP Ration card new link fcs.up.nic.in with your district, area, mobile number, zila, tehsil, town kasba, gali upto Search for NFSA application link

UP Ration Card Latest News August 2015

October माह के अंत तक नए रंगीन computerised raashan card का वितरण पूरा करने के दिए हैं। हालांकि government order आदेश के बावजूद यह काम समय से पूरा हो पाना मुश्किल लगा है लेकिन विभाग ने वितरण का काम तेज कर दिया है। कुल 9 lakh 70 000 rashan card छपने हैं। इनमें से 85%  rashan card छप चुके हैं और उनका वितरण शुरू कर दिया गया है लेकिन बाकी card की प्रिटिंग अभी शुरू नहीं हुई है।

जिले में तकरीबन 17 लाख Antyodya, BPL और APLकार्ड धारक हैं। इन सभी को नए रंगीन computerized rashan कार्ड जारी किए जाने थे। इसके लिए कार्डधारकों से फॉर्म भरवाए गए लेकिन दो साल की कवायद के बाद भी नौ लाख 68 हजार उपभोक्ताओं से फॉर्म भरवाए जा सके। फॉर्म भरने से वंचित रहे गए सभी कार्डधारक APLश्रेणी के हैं। फिलहाल जिन्होंने फॉर्म भरे, उनकी सबकी डिटेल online कर दी गई। पेपर आ गए हैं।पांच दिनों में प्रिंटिंग का काम पूरा हो जाएगा।

4 दिन में तैयार करें पात्र-अपात्र की सूची खाद्य सुरक्षा अधिनियम के तहत पात्रों और अपात्रों का चयन किया जा रहा है। यह काम ब्लॉकवार हो रहा है। कहीं, 50 फीसदी तो कहीं 60 से 70 फीसदी काम ही पूरा हुआ है। तीन दिन में पात्र-अपात्र की सूची तैयार कर उसे ऑनलाइन कर दिया जाए।

APL  (Above Poverty Line) families are issued with pink ration cards, BPL (Below Poverty Line) families with dark green ration cards, AAY Antyodaya Anna Yojana families with yellow ration cards and Annapurna beneficiaries with light green ration cards.

UP Ration Card Online Application Form 2017
Application starting : June 2016
Last Date : 3 to 4 months
New List was Issued : January 2016
One Main Family Mukhiya can only apply first time in City or Village Areas.
Document Required
Photo of Family Head.
Voter ID Card Number
Aadhar Number
Income Details of Main Member
Indane HP Bharat etc LPG Connection Number and Name
Sbi Baroda axis Bank etc Account Name
How to Check Rashan card Name in List
Direct Go to fcs.up.nic .in Download List Link
Select  Your District
Select Your Tehsil
Choose Your Shopkeeper Dukandaar or kotedaar Name
Find Your Name in the List
Check kotedaar number name                                               For Full Details Click Here
UP New List for Rashan Card Holder
How to Find UP Ration Card Uttar Pradesh
Check Ration Card Document List
How to apply ration card Free Demo Form
Official Web site

UP Rashan card latest news 5 July 2016

Lucknow latest news UP NFSA Rashan by kotedar wheat sugar kerosenes will distribute from 5 June 2016 those people will get who come under national food security scheme

Rashan card linkage to adhaar card 30 May 2016 latest news for any type of kalabazaari except uttar pradesh

UP Rashan card recruitment 26 may latest news for gramin and city area under khadda suraksha yojana in various gram padhan under jila panchayat their selection 

UP Ration Card kotedar lucknow in tahsildar office Latest news 23 May 2016 from 

Bundelkhand free ration card scheme yojana 2016 latest news updated to garibi rekha sey neechey waley ko to see apl bpl aay UP Bundelkhand Free ration card scheme 2016 Above Poverty Line, BPL Below Poverty Line, AAY Antyodaya Anna Yojana and Annapurna Antyodaya Anna Yojana.

How to apply for new rashan card registration All process of Registration included Bank Detail of your family, Address Details (rural or urban), Certificates Attachment, NFSA criteria Process of Online registration for Uttar Pradesh AFSA ration card as are following

Pass port size color photo  Main Guardian, family head
All family Member Voter ID card, EPIC, matdata Pahchan Patra Sankhya necessary

Aadhaar card Guardian Aadhaar No, All family Aadhaar Enrolment
Income Certificate of Family of tehsil

LPG Gas Connection Gas Connection Number, Customer number, Agency number , Gas Company name

Back account all necessary bank name, Branch name, Bank IFSC code , bank Account Numbers , Scanned copy of bank passbook first page

Ward details and kotadar shopkeeper number or name Town/ Rationing Area , Name , Ward

Important links

UP Ration Card 

UP ration card status 2015

UP Ration card satyapan latest news 9 march 2016

UP Rashan Card Check Status Districts wise of Agra,  Aligarh,  Allahabad ,  Ambedkar Nagar,  Amethi,  Amroha,  Auraiya,  Azamgarh,  Baghpat,  Bahraich,  Ballia,  Balrampur,  Banda, Bara Banki,  Bareilly,  Basti,  Bijnor ,  Budaun ,  Bulandshahar,  Chandauli,  Chitrakoot,  Deoria,  Etah,  Etawah,  Faizabad,  Farrukhabad,  Fatehpur,  Firozabad,  Gautama Buddha Nagar,  Ghaziabad,  Ghazipur,  Gonda,  Gorakhpur,  Hamirpur,  Hapur,  Hardoi,  Hathras,  Jalaun ,  Jaunpur,  Jhansi,  Kannauj ,  Kanpur Dehat and Nagar,  Kasganj,  Kaushambi,  Kheri,  Kushinagar,  Lalitpur,  Lucknow,  Mahoba,  Mahrajganj,  Mainpuri , Mathura , Mau , Meerut,  Mirzapur,  Moradabad,  Muzaffarnagar,  Pilibhit,  Pratapgarh,  Rae Bareli,  Rampur,  Saharanpur,  Sambhal,  Sant Kabir Nagar , Sant Ravidas Nagar, Bhadohi ,  Shahjahanpur,  Shamli, Shrawasti,  Siddharthanagar,  Sitapur,  Sonbhadra,  Sultanpur,  Unnao and Varanasi can be checked at NFSA Detailed information regarding advertisement Can Read the Instruction to Download the Demo Form 

Important Dates UP Ration card Check status and How to apply the UP Rashan card status from uponline.up.nic.in from Official site for Ration card in Uttar Pradesh

Application Begin: 1 February 2015

Official site for Ration card in Uttar Pradesh
वेबसाइट धोखा दे तो दफ्तर में जमा करें फार्म

राशन कार्ड का आनलाइन आवेदन करने को रविवार को इंटरनेट कैफे पर भीड़ दिखी। कई जगह फार्म भरने के 80 से 150 रुपये लिए जा रहे थे। ग्रामीण क्षेत्रों से जानकारी मिली की वहां वेबसाइट हैंग कर रही है। विभाग के अनुमान के मुताबिक इस बार तीन लाख से अधिक नए लोगों के UP APL or BPL CARD Form Apply ya  बनने हैं। शहर में पहले ही सात लाख एपीएल कार्ड धारक हैं। फार्म भर पाने वाले लोगा ने अंतिम तिथि बढ़ाने की मांग की है।

Latest news 23 October 2016 : By Government approval rashan card will be distributed before Diwali

Latest news 20 October 2016 In November 74 Lakh ration card Online registration form soon starting

2 October News up ration card lucknow news


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