Tesla Military Purchase $1000 Discount Program

Tesla has introduced a Military Purchase Program for members of the military and their spouses to get a $1k discount.

Tesla is working on a new Optimus design to be completed later this year! It will feature new hands with at least 22 DoF (11 DoF in Gen2). Elon described it as “something special,” suggesting it may be more than that.

3. New Tesla FSD Update-Insane mode in the Tesla Model 3 Performance does more than just increase acceleration response. 

4. General Motors Mexico is partnering with Tesla to build 1,000 charging points in Mexico. 

5. Tesla’s 2024.26 software update will feature a redesigned “Charging” menu that will ease and enhance programming charging and preconditioning:

6. Rimac has launched a special Copper-Colored Nevera for the company's 15th birthday.

• Price: $2.5 million

• Range: 205 miles

• 0-60mph: 1.85s

• Top speed: 258mph

• 117 kWh battery pack

• Production limited to 9 units

7. Final price has been public for Cadillac's all-electric Escalade IQ. • Luxury 1 AWD: $129,990

• Sport 1 AWD: $130,490

• Luxury 2 AWD: $149,990

• Sport 2 AWD: $150,490

8. Hyundai Ioniq 5N has an "engine simulation" feature that revs and sounds like a gas engine as you accelerate.