Tesla Cybertruck Drive Units Motor Upgrade, Hyundai Motors

Tesla approved the resale for a Cybertruck owner who unfortunately ended being upside down in car payments. 

Tesla cyber truck is one of the most powerful electric truck in the world and this powerfulness was tested by its own Tesla cybertrack customer and time to time company is giving various types of future update. Many people are appreciating or thinking that somebody in China has tested the quality of cyber truck in desert area because in US many people have tested cybert truck with many types of earth metals.

Hyundai Motor Group unveiled its innovative Nano Cooling Film at Cannes Lions 2024! 🌟 This tech reduces car cabin temperatures by up to 10°C without darkening windows, cutting energy use. 

Tesla invites high school seniors to join its Manufacturing Development Program! 🚀🎓 Build your career with courses, certification, and a full-time job at any Gigafactory. 

Elon Musk reveals Tesla's HW5 release date, and that it won't be called HW5

Tesla 2024.20.3 software update is rolling out to the 3rd batch of users (~8-10% of the fleet). Tesla 2024.20.3 software update is rolling out to the 1st batch of users (<1% of the fleet)!.

Tesla’s GigaTexas extension includes a massive power and cooling system that will provide approximately 130MW this year, increasing to over 500MW by early 2026.

SpaceX Starbase Tesla visitors will now have a new Supercharger to use.